On-Site Hydrogen Generator Market: Snapshot

Steam methane changing is the most prudent approach to deliver hydrogen. It includes two essential responses: the changing response and the water gas move response. In the improving response, petroleum gas is blended in with steam and is warmed at exceptionally high temperatures to create carbon monoxide and hydrogen. So as to create extra hydrogen, carbon monoxide from the transforming response interfaces with steam in the water gas move reactor. Normally used feedstocks in steam reformers are petroleum gas and naphtha. Steam reformers are portioned dependent on the sort, for example, pre-reformers, essential reformers, minimized reformers, and auxiliary reformers. This as a result helps the global on-site hydrogen generators market to witness an exponential growth in coming years.

  • Hydrogen is utilized in countless applications going from oil recuperation, concoction handling, and refining to power modules and metal creation. Be that as it may, oil recuperation and smelling salts creation are the significant markets for hydrogen. The worldwide transportation industry is developing at a high rate and is viewed as one of the most appealing markets for hydrogen later on. Classification and stream rate sections are probably going to be the significant for on-site hydrogen generators markets in coming years.
  • Expanding use of energy components is probably going to animate the market interest for on-site hydrogen generators during the estimate time frame. The business pattern is probably going to show inclination toward compaqt hydrogen generators in future. This as result helps the global on-site hydrogen generator to grow substantially in coming years.
  • The ascent of the on-site hydrogen generator market in the U.S. will be driven by the requirement for diminishing the reliance on customary wellsprings of vitality and embracing cleaner fuel sources. The diminishing nature of unrefined petroleum will likewise be answerable for the rise of this market sooner rather than later. The expanding utilization of hydrogen in different modern applications will likewise give a huge lift to the global on-site hydrogen generator market.

Regulatory Framework Governs Demand for On-Site Hydrogen Generators in the U.S.

The vast reserves of natural gas and its availability in absolute abundance is expected to boost the adoption of on-site hydrogen generators across the U.S. region. Transparency Market Research observes, several end-users industries are demanding on-site hydrogen as they provide a cost-efficient option along with safety and security by making the operations free of hydrogen storage, cylinder handling, and routine hydrogen delivery. With this strong backing, the opportunity in the U.S. on-site hydrogen generator market is expected to be US$ 191.4 Mn by 2027 from US$ 121.3 Mn in 2018, surging at a steady pace of 5.2% between 2019 and 2027.

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Increasing Use of Hydrogen in Industrial Applications to Provide Substantial Opportunity

The stringent environmental regulatory framework that is aimed at reducing carbon footprint is expected to boost the demand for hydrogen in making petrochemicals, fertilizers, and as an important energy carrier. The demand for hydrogen will also be felt amongst the specialty chemical manufacturers and refiners for meeting the production levels of cleaner products. All of these factors are expected to propel the installations of on-site hydrogen generators across the U.S.

The rise of the on-site hydrogen generator market in the U.S. will also be driven by the need for reducing the dependency on conventional sources of energy and adopting cleaner fuel sources. The decreasing quality of crude oil will also be responsible for the emergence of this market in the near future. The increasing usage of hydrogen in various industrial applications will also provide a massive boost to the overall market.

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Non-Alkaline Technology to Lead due to its Cost-Efficiency

The on-site hydrogen generators based on non-alkaline technology held a leading share of 67% in the overall market in 2018. This is mainly due to the technology on which the non-alkaline on-site hydrogen generators are based upon, which enables them to deliver reliable, portable, purer, and cost-effective hydrogen production. However, the alkaline on-site hydrogen generator is anticipated to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period.

The non-alkaline on-site hydrogen generators are known to use steam reforming technology and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis. These generators are especially being preferred for applications such as reducing gas chromatography, metals, and annealing as they need pure hydrogen, which is achievable through PEM electrolysis.

The on-site hydrogen generators that have a flow rate of <100Nm3/h are leading the market due to their remarkable efficiency and compactness. These generators are competing with generators that have a flow rate of 100-2,000Nm3/h. In the near future, hydrogen generators that have a range of 100-2,000Nm3/h will emerge as leading generators due to their increasing adoption in various industrial verticals.

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Players Adopting Innovative Strategies to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Market

Some of the important players operating in the U.S. on-site hydrogen generator market are

  • Praxair Technology, Inc.
  • Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.
  • Air Liquide
  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Hy9 Corporation
  • Proton OnSite, Inc.
  • Hydrogenics
  • Linde AG.

The competition in the overall market in quite cutthroat due to the existence of just a few players. In the coming years, companies will try to enter new markets with strategic alliances to meet the hydrogen needs of the remote areas. Furthermore, the trajectory of this market will also be decided by the strategies adopted by these players such as optimum usage of resources and production capacity.

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Global US On-Site Hydrogen Generator Market: Recent Developments

  • In December 2019, Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy announced that the company has applied for California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) certification for its two gasesous hydrogen pathways. The gaseous hydrogen is produced by steam methane reformation (SMR) process, at the onsite of LAX hydrogen station, utilizing average North American landfill gas and fossil natural gas (NA NG)

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