Modern Upholstery Fabric For Interior Design Projects

upholstery fabrics

The term “uppo” or “uppo top” refers to a type of upholstery fabric commonly used in the U.S. It is the stiff but flexible upper layer of soft felt, cotton, and vinyl fabric. Upholstery fabric, also called upholstery fabric or upholstery cloth, is typically thicker than the felt base and will not wrinkle when cured. The term “upholstery” comes from the French term for upholstery, which means a room or space. Upholstered furniture covers are often referred to as “uppos.”

The world of upholstery furniture is a colorful one filled with different types of fabrics and fibers. While some types of fabric are more commonly used than others, many types are also used. Among the most common types of fabrics include voile, denim, flannel, heavy knits, plush, and velour. Each of these fabrics has its own unique qualities that are advantageous in certain areas of the furniture-making process. Each type of fabric has different strengths and limitations in how it can be cleaned.

Advantages and disadvantages to using upholstery fabrics

There are advantages and disadvantages to using some of these fabrics. For example, velour has a natural tendency to wrinkle after years of being worn. It tends to lose the original appearance of the fabric if not properly cared for. Soft weaved fabrics do not suffer this problem but are rather stiffer. Fabric-covered sofas and loveseats are more resilient to stretching and wrinkling. But these same fabrics also stain more easily.


For upholstery furniture, cotton has been a popular choice due to its ability to breathe and shield fabric pieces from damage. Cotton has an innate shine and looks that cannot be duplicated with another type of fiber. When treated properly, cotton can maintain its original color for decades. Many designers prefer the natural fiber feel of cotton for their sofas and chairs because it is not as stiff as satin or silk. Another advantage of cotton is that it does very well. The result is a vibrant, multicolor upholstery fabric that can match any color scheme.


Linen is another choice for upholstery furniture that is more durable than cotton. It can withstand a great deal more wear and tear, especially if it’s made with thick yarn. Unlike cotton twill, linen does not fade or get stained. A linen sofa upholstery Dubai will hold up well against spills and stains and, if treated well, will last for many years. A major disadvantage is that linen can be very heavy. For lighter fabrics, it can get cumbersome to move the pieces around.

Man-made fabric

A popular choice for upholstery furniture is a man-made fabric, usually polyester or acrylic. These materials are less expensive than pure cotton and come in a wide range of colors and styles. They can be sewn or hand-sewn, and most have a durable finish that resists stains. Because it can be cut to fit just about any size or shape, the patterns and textures are very varied. Because of its low cost, the man-made fabric is often used as an inexpensive image source.

faux leather

If you’re planning a big room makeover, faux leather may be a great option for your upholstery furniture. It’s not quite the same as real leather, but it closely resembles the look and feels of genuine leather. Because it’s made from synthetic material, it can be washed repeatedly without losing the original appearance. It’s also ideal for a space that needs a strong, durable base. It doesn’t shrink, so it will fit a number of different furniture pieces.


In recent years, low-cost upholstery furniture has become a popular choice for both home decorators and consumers. Because it’s available in a variety of different designs and materials, it can fit with a wide range of interiors and styles and can be treated in a number of different ways to protect it and maintain its appearance over time. It can also be used for subtle rustic accents, or as a primary design element, giving modern upholstery fabric a truly unique character. The many possible uses make this an ideal fabric for interior design projects.

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