Unitizing Equipment Market is mainly driven by growth in the food & beverage industry

Unitizing is basically a process of accumulating various items into a single unit load. The process helps in grouping the loads without the pallets reducing the weight of the total packaging and also giving up some more space for more items to be packed. The equipment used in aggregating the items into one load is known as the unitizing equipment. This sound process helps the market saves a lot of money, the cost of packaging, and the loss that may occur due to damaged products during shipment and also stabilizes the load while saving the product during transit. This is expected to fuel the growth in the usage of the unitizing equipment market across the globe.

Unitizing Equipment Market: Dynamics

Big companies with big supply chain and big operations require the packaging to be done at utmost safety and this becomes their primary concern. As equipment are known to provide precise packaging with less error concern than manual techniques; unitizing equipment is anticipated to grow globally.

The demand for the unitizing equipment also increases because of the growth in the food & beverage industry, building & construction industry, pharmaceuticals industry and among others. There are also different techniques used for unitizing the items into one load which gives various options for the company to choose from according to the type of product packed.

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The initial investment of huge capital is not affordable for all the companies specifically the small scale companies who want to enter into the unitizing equipment market. Not only the initial investment but also the set-up cost and the maintenance cost that may occur after every certain period would hamper the growth of the unitizing equipment market.

The current covid-19 pandemic situation has halted many industries leading to a slowdown of production and disturbing the demand and supply balance. This has mainly affected the manufacturing segment which showed a decline in the growth of the unitizing equipment market. The effect of the pandemic also depends highly on the impact of the sub-sectors such as the building and construction; due to which there was a negative effect on the unitizing equipment market, food and beverages industry; this had a positive impact on the target market as food and beverage industry was on the boom during the pandemic with fewer losses and increase in e-commerce activities leading to safe packaging of bulk items. There is a mixed effect of a pandemic due to the impact of the various end-users.

Unitizing Equipment Market: Segmentation

Unitizing Equipment MarketĀ can be segmented by Machine Type, Process type, and End use.

Based on the Machine type, the Unitizing Equipment Market has been segmented as

  • Semi-Automatic Unit Load Device
  • Automatic Unit Load Device

Based on the Process type, the Unitizing Equipment Market has been segmented as

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Stretch Wrapping

Based on End-use, the Unitizing Equipment Market has been segmented as

  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Building and Construction Industry
  • Electronics & Electrical Industry
  • Textile Industry

Unitizing Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

Globally, the Unitizing equipment market is gaining momentum in all the industries especially the building and construction, electronics and e-commerce industries. Asia Pacific region is predicted to be the fastest-growing region globally because of the rising population and the disposable income and also because of the increasing manufacturing industries in the Asian market. As the governments have started to invest more in the manufacturing segment to attract domestic and international customers. Since these are one of the developing countries, the manufacturing costs, labour cost and the setup costs are lesser than other regions.

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Unitizing Equipment Market: Key Players

Key players in the Unitizing Equipment Market are,

  • Polychem Co
  • Langhammer GmbH
  • Signode Packaging Systems Corporation
  • Mosca GmbH
  • Cranston Machinery Co Inc
  • Liftomatic Material Handling
  • Joinpack Machines
  • Strapack, Inc.
  • Dynemix India
  • Alligator automations
  • Durapak
  • Suntech Packaging
  • Cankey Packaging Machine Manufacturer
  • Sealers India

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