Understanding more about magic mushroom


Magic mushrooms have been making headlines for the benefits that they can offer us. So far, there is much research done on magic mushroom and the mushroom can save us from depression and help us get rid of us toxic ego. Before you think of using magic mushrooms, you must understand what they are and their uses.

What magic mushrooms are

Magic mushrooms are also known as shrooms. Shroom is the term that is used in describing mushroom species that contains psilocybin. Psilocybin is simply a chemical present in magic mushrooms that is responsible for hallucinogenic feelings or effects when it is consumed. Psilocybin simply works by binding to brain receptors known as serotonin which is responsible for perception and mood alteration. The good thing about magic mushrooms is that they grow naturally and they have seasons where they can be harvested. Apart from growing naturally, magic mushrooms can also be cultivated by a mushroom grower.

Magic mushroom experience

Before people take magic mushrooms, many usually want to know what the mushrooms can do to them. Although many people anticipate being taken on a psychedelic journey, it is very important to know that the experience is always different with different consumers. Many factors can influence how your experience with magic mushrooms will be. There are a few things that you should expect when you take normal dosage of magic mushrooms. For example, your perception of many things that surrounds you will change and all your senses will be alerted. It is also very possible to have some close-eye visuals.

Mentally, you will feel like you are in your world. It feels as if what you are feeling isn’t reality. Things such as time and space will be distorted. Sometimes, you may feel like things such as time and space don’t exist. When you are under the influence of hallucinogenic mushroom (champignon hallucinog√®ne), you may end up feeling open to thoughts and emotions as well.

Things that you should understand about taking magic mushrooms

To prepare for your psychedelic experience, it is very important to start by preparing what is necessary. Start by preparing a good setting for your journey. It is very important to always make sure that you are healthy and feeling happy when you are about to consume magic mushrooms. On the day that you will be consuming the magic mushrooms, ensure that you do not have any serious commitments. Having commitments may stress you out and that is the last thing that you need. If you are not feeling okay about something, that can also affect your magic mushroom journey. You should try to set intentions for your hallucinogenic mushroom (champignon hallucinogène) journey. First, you need to ask yourself why you think taking magic mushrooms is what you need and what your goals are for doing so. Before taking magic mushrooms, ensure that you have a comfortable location or place to achieve your desired results.