Udit kumar 19 Year Old Digital Marketer Trailblaze New Opportunities for Businesses during COVID-19 Crisis

UDIT kumar life journey

Udit Kumar, at the age of 19, has become a known face in India because of his work. He is a big name in Indian digital marketing and made a whooping turnaround of fortune for his business in digital marketing. While many companies are struggling to cope up with the situations, created due to COVID-19, UDIT MEDIA, his agency, continues to help several companies with their digital marketing knowledge.


About Udit Kumar

Udit Kumar is currently a digital marketer, social media manager, trained, consultant, and entrepreneur. Udit Kumar may have become a big name today. But no one knew him about a few years ago when he started.

He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and despite having these difficulties, they knew he would make his way out and achieve big someday. And that day was finally a reality he launched his digital marketing agency. It was a rapid success for him and he instantly became the face of digital marketing in India.


Today, while everyone was concerned about their businesses shutting down due to the imposed lockdown and nations’ imbalanced economies, Udit did something unimaginable. With his internet marketing strategies, he was one of the first ones to step forward to save many organisations.

He has saved many organizations and businesses from huge losses and helping them to deliver their products and services online to the consumers.

Consumers now have access to all the services they wanted from the comfort of their homes through the internet.

One of their clients said they wanted digital marketing but they did not have the budget to approach a big name in digital marketing so they chose Udit for the work, but work Udit’s agency did for them was out of their imagination. The company was already in loss and lockdown due to COVID-19 could have made the situations worse. But Udit Media was like a savior as they said.

The agency succeeded today only because of the hard work they put into their tasks.


Life has always been up and down for Udit. To chase his dreams, he left school very early and began to work as a digital marketer for companies to gain knowledge and experience.

Udit began his own agency of digital marketing in 2011, which was his self-funded venture called Pro Digital, to provide digital marketing services and implement his knowledge he gained over the years. Soon after he launched his agency, it became widely popular in India and soon he started to get the attention of companies from Australia and Europe.


Over the years, Udit with his team hustled their way and face many problems in their journey to success. But it was all worth it in the end. All their efforts paid off when they touched the success they dreamt of. The main organisation  that supported their agency and him personally and still a significant member of the Pro digital family and Udit never forget to praise the people who helped him during his difficult times.

Udit’s story is truly inspirational for many people like young and bussing entrepreneurs. Follow him on instagram @uditsays, on twitter @heyudit, and on facebook at facebook.com/uditmedia