There are so many ways to spruce up a boring garden.  With a little bit of creativity, your boring backyard could be turned into an amazing space. The quickest way of doing this is investing in beautiful garden ornaments. They could be decorative objects, accent pieces or sculptures. Most of garden ornaments are affordable and you won’t have to break the bank to give your garden a new dimension.

For thousands of years, sculptures and statues create a touch of elegance and personal style to one’s garden. A beautiful garden is more than just a beautiful scenery. It could be a way to impress your guests and give them something to talk about, especially if it has a stone garden ornaments.

Bird Baths

This is a small pond of water or an artificial puddle in which birds can bath, drink and cool themselves. Bird baths can be an essential ornament to your garden no matter the size of the garden.  This is because bird baths attract different species of birds to visit your garden especially during drought periods. This will form a micro habitat of species which can make your garden attractive.

Bird baths take a different form. Early bird baths were simple depressions on the ground. Some can be pre-made basins on pedestals or hang from trees. They can also be curved on boulders or rocks in the garden.

The requirements of the bird baths are: an open surrounding to avoid stalking of predators; a shallow gradual deepening basin and clean water renewed to avoid contamination. Two inches of water is sufficient since bird do not submerge their bodies in the water.

Statues and Sculptures

This are the common types of garden decorations. Some people choose a certain theme for their garden statues. These may represent religious and spiritual meaning, deities or mythological figures. You can choose one type of statues or combine a few to create an aura and whimsy to garden space. Sculptures of famous saints, children playing and folks from other eras of civilization are a common scene.

Some common garden statues are those of animals. You can have a statue which looks like your cat or dog. Other people prefer some things that more exotic such as an alligator or gazelle. Tigers, lions and giraffes and dinosaur can make your garden become animal park themed.

For the creative folk, you can turn you garden into a Jurassic park by installing dinosaurs, tigers and other extinct animals. This kind of themes is more appealing to children and nature conservationist.


Furniture can be another form of garden ornament. They could serve the purpose of beautification and also a place to relax and talk. These furniture are made with eco friendly materials or could be made with wrought iron.

Garden furniture are sometimes curved from indigenous wood, rock boulders and other materials that blend with the garden. Sometimes they are made to look like animals or decorated with statues of birds, squirrels and rabbits.

There is no limit to what you can put in your garden. You just need to choose your theme and run with it.


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