Google Stadia users complain that their Chrome cast overheats and turns off, Google denies it

Google Stadia is here. The future of video games for some, and a curse that will end all the good that surrounds this hobby, for others. At the moment its premiere has been discreet, because of the strange and unattractive price policy, we must unite some problems that its first users are suffering. There have already been cases of overheating of Chrome cast Ultra when using Google Stadia, to the point of shutting down and cutting the game in half.

Google Stadia is the new Google game console. A streaming or cloud gaming platform. They are PC titles that run on Google’s servers at 4K and 60 fps, and we receive streaming video in real-time, creating the illusion that we are playing them on a local PC. But we don’t need any kind of hardware and we can play those games on mobile, tablet, laptop or TV.

Google Stadia can be used in many different ways. One of them is on TV, through a Chrome cast. You launch Google Stadia on your mobile or another device and watch the games on TV through Chrome cast.

Quite a few users on Reddit have commented that they are having problems with Google Stadia when they use this system: their Chrome cast Ultra gets so hot that at 10 or 20 minutes of play it directly shuts down or restarts, losing the game they were playing.

Google itself has published a statement on Reddit denying any problem: ” We understand that any type of heating on a device can be worrisome, but we can confirm that there is no problem of overheating with the Chrome cast Ultra. During normal use (for example watching cat videos on YouTube) the surface of the device may be hot, but this is how it was designed. The team has tested Google Stadia intensively in long gaming sessions and we have not encountered any overheating problems. ”

Naturally, this response has not satisfied people who are suffering from Google Stadia blackouts due to Chrome cast overheating. It may be due to defective models or excessive heat in the room where they use it.

Google Stadia has begun its journey, but we must not forget that it is still in beta, and its actual launch will not arrive until 2024 when it offers a free version. This has only just begun.