Do you want to be up to date with Christmas decorations? Discover with us the new collection of luminous ornaments

As every year we have been at the Frankfurt Christmasworld International Christmas Fair to catch ideas and discover new trends that will surprise us next season.

Inspired by the different proposals presented at the Fair, we have created the new collection of Christmas ornaments 2019.

Discover with us the best ideas we have found and how we have decided to reinterpret them to offer them at Luminal Park.

Christmas trends 2019: Trees and luminous branches

Normally when we arrive at the Fair we find a multitude of ornaments under a tree, but this year we have been surprised: the trend has changed and we have seen many stylized and bare trees, without branches and with few ornaments.

For this minimalist style, nothing better than bright trees where the touch of decoration is given by the millions of LED lights integrated into the branches.

Imagine it at Christmas inside the window of a store were combined with other decorative objects that will make a difference with the other shops and stores on the street.

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They are very versatile ornaments and great visual impact. I can also imagine the willow branches, the cascading lights or the Twigballs that have incredible decorative potential adopting the form that suits you at all times

Christmas trends Natale 2019: Led vintage led decorative bulbs

Also, this year vintage light bulbs sweep through the proposals. A timeless style that always seduces us.

Having successfully inaugurated our line of garlands of Vintage Led Pro bulbs this year we have played with the shapes and devised new models.

Satin, plastic or glass, transparent or amber color, with Micro, Led inside or Led filaments … Whatever they can be combined with each other to design a custom garland.

With the garland of bulbs, you can decorate the Christmas tree in an original way using the bulbs instead of the traditional Christmas balls. In addition, more and more personalized Christmas balls are brought. An idea can be to decorate light bulbs with messages and designs to customize Christmas decorations.

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With them, we can decorate the Christmas tree, decorate the house or a place. The smaller ones are perfect for decorating shelves, the head of the bed, vases or walls. With the largest, we can make professional installations letting ourselves be carried away by fantasy.

Every year they ask for them and finally, we have them in this year’s catalog: the E14 bulbs, only 18 millimeters and placed in a modular and extendible rubber cable compatible with the products and accessories of the professional Led Pro series.

Christmas trends 2019: Micro Led

They are the favorite lights of the decorators and are confirmed as one of the essentials of this year. To optimize its use in the most complex installations and facilitate the work of the decorators, we have introduced a new professional version of the extended Micro Led garlands.

In addition, we propose different models with the cable of different colors with the reinforced metal cable thanks to the PVC coating that makes the garland more resistant while still being malleable.

Micro Led lights are undisputed protagonists in the decoration. We find them in garlands, branches, LED curtains and cascading lights, providing elegance so they are ideal for events, shop windows and public places.

Micro LED cables are also all those that surround the new line of luminous Christmas figures: reindeer, sledges and Santa Claus of the metallic frame where the lights highlight the three-dimensionality of the figures.

Normally they are used, given the fineness of the cable, to make centerpieces and homemade Christmas decorations instead of decorating the Christmas tree.

But this year with the new line of tree garlands, garlands of Micro Led lights with many luminous points that look in different directions. The cable is still thin but in the tree, it will be an advantage by letting the lights be the only protagonists.

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In addition to being beautiful with its drop-shaped lights, with the thin and malleable cable you can put them wherever you want and in the way that suits you. The garlands of lights can be easily combined with any material or object.

Christmas trends 2019: Neon effect decorative lamps

Last year they were the big news, this year they will succeed. We have seen them in the Christmasworld of all shapes and colors. For every taste! That is why this year we have expanded the catalog to be able to respond to all needs.

In addition to Christmas figures in the shape of stars and trees this year we add real-sized cribs made in a silhouetted metal structure with a neon-effect Led light hose, of great luminous intensity to double house so that it is a decoration that you look at where Look always shine.

You will find even smaller figures to hang at the entrance of the house with which to welcome family and friends.

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They are very versatile and easy to adapt to any space. They can be hung to decorate walls or placed directly on the floor.

It is the solution you were looking for if as a local owner you want to characterize the entrance with neon lamps to get the attention of customers.

Christmas trends 2019: Wood ornaments and design

Trends may vary year after year, but at Christmas Fair nature and simplicity are always found in one of the predominant styles.

These luminous figures are characterized by their basic lines but taken care of with special attention to shapes.

These are Christmas decorations made of solid wood. The internal part of the silhouettes is contoured by a Led strip that makes a simple decorative object become a decorative lamp perfect for any environment, whether at home or in a public place. And not only to decorate at Christmas!