Tree Services Is More Than Removing Trees

When Fort Worth residents think of tree services, most people think about using them for cutting down dead, dying, or otherwise dangerous trees immediately. And that’s no surprise either. Fort Worth tree services are saving homeowners millions of dollars a year by providing services that remove trees that would otherwise add a dangerous element to a beautiful yard. This service saves homeowners expensive repairs that cause a tree to fall into their home and can increase mold on the sides of the home. In this case, and in the long run, removing a tree as a threat to the house is usually cheaper than to risk the potentially catastrophic consequences of neglecting the situation.

But tree services don’t just do that.

Sure, some tree services only specialize in the one task of safely and effectively removing and cutting down trees, but this is also far from the whole story. Many tree services also include tree specialists known as “certified arborists.” These arborists are like the “vets” of the plant world. They specialize in the treatment of sick, diseased, and otherwise infected plants. Certified arborists are sometimes called “plant healers” because of their ability to bring sick trees and other plants back to health.

Cutting down trees is not the right option.

Some may wonder why this is relevant. I mean, it’s easy to cut down a tree from the yard once an infection has taken root that threatens the tree’s existence and continues to pose a threat to the home? Well, yes and no. It depends on a variety of factors. One, is there instant danger present? The tree itself is now threatening to drop or throw small branches and twigs on your house? Does it feel like a gentle gust of wind could make it worse? Then yes, perhaps having the tree removed is the right option for you.

But perhaps this tree rot is deep within the tree and it has only just begun to become noticeable. It may be a new tree and the disease didn’t make itself visible? Well, in those issues, the arborist can diagnose and treat the tree issue instead of other employees cutting down the entire tree.

This is most likely the best choice, because treating a sick tree, when possible, reduces the risk of a sick tree a threatening damage to your home and prevents disease from spreading to other trees in your yard. There is no need to spend time and the cost to remove a tree when it is not really needed then.

Many tree services offer more than just one way to remove trees when problems arise. The primary goal of any responsible and successful organization is to ensure that customers can face any tree-related problem in order to provide reliable solutions at affordable prices. As such, if you suspect in any way that illness has settled into a tree in your yard, contact your local tree service company. Get them to send a certified arborist to your home as soon as possible to diagnose the tree and see if it needs to be removed. You could be surprised that the arborist will probably find the tree to not be a problem and most likely be able to treat the diseased condition before it worsens.

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