TrackTime24 Provide 3 Simple Tips To Ease Your Staff Leave Headache

Staff leave and organising it are often very problematic for businesses. TrackTime24 have been helping with the matter for a number of years now via their excellent leave tracking software and if you’ve used it you know how useful it is.

Aside from their software, there is much more a business can do and TrackTime24 have provided us with 3 simple and easily utilised tips to ease your staff leave headache.

Proper Communication Of The Policy

For one, you want to communicate it precisely. You need to ensure that your entire workforce is away from your leave policies and how they work. Not only do you want to ensure they know the correct forms to fill in, but also the proper schedule and everything involved with requesting it including:

  1. How far in advance the time-off should be requested.
  2. What caps exist for the amount of ‘days-at-a-time’ can be requested (a lot of companies strictly limit this to around 10 working days or 2 full weeks).
  3. What steps need to be taken if the request is either accepted or denied?

When your staff has all of this information directly laid-out in their contract, they will typically use the information to make their requests which can reduce the amount of stress on not only the employees but your organization as a whole.

Proper Planning

There is always a possibility that someone gets sick during the time in which an employee is on staff leave. While it can create a stressful environment, having a proper and flexible plan in place can really limit the chaos. Try to make counter-arrangements in this type of scenario. That way, you will be able to mitigate the issues associated with this type of problem. Having proper planning can be essential in being able to effectively manage staff and Tracktime24 can help you achieve that. By having a plan B and C in place, it might require more effort up-front, but it will offer you greater flexibility in being able to handle these issues. By having the appropriate cloud-based system in place, you will be able to much more easily come up with practical solutions.

Offer More Flexibility

Having to tell an employee he or she cannot take time-off can be a negative experience for not only the requesting employee but also for HR. Unfortunately, these things happen. This is especially true if the requested time-off falls in a period where the business is busy. Luckily, having staff leave management software in place can help you properly track key projects and automate the process of re-flagging requests when you won’t have enough people there to work. You will be able to make rejecting the request not as personal and less stressful for the employee because it can automatically offer alternative dates that are available. While offering this level of flexibility certainly requires a lot of planning, it can be well worth the effort to have a lot of satisfied employees.

Keep Your Staff Well Informed

Statistics show that a lot of employees end up failing to even use their allocated leave days. While it might seem like something that is good news as an employer, it can end up causing a lot of issues when it happens to multiple employees at once. It can cause them to come up with a last-ditch effort to request leave. Thus, it is always better to keep your staff informed of their leave time. By using a cloud-based annual leave management system you will be able to do exactly that. It can let your employees know how much time they have left at any time.