Tow Tractors Market to : Forecast With Top Companies, Growth Factors, Classification, 2024-2031

Tow Tractors Witness Demand with Guidance over Ground Handling During Coronavirus Outbreak

Floor managers at airports, warehouses, and supermarkets are being given guidance over ground handling during and post coronavirus pandemic. At airports, where there is a significant number of parked aircraft, floor managers are adopting planning and preparation to meet the need for aircraft tow tractors & pushback tractors ahead of the return of air traffic. Companies in the tow tractors market are capitalizing on such opportunities to ensure revenue flow in the market.

Taylor-Dunn – a manufacturer of burden carriers, commercial vehicles, and industrial vehicles is updating helpful resources on its official website to provide updates to its partners and clients during the ongoing pandemic. Manufacturers in the tow tractors market are working closely with their dealers to navigate through the situation and providing customer service in all ways possible.

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Can Electric Tow Tractors Be Ideal Choice for Indoor Spaces?

Similar to electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive industry, electric tow tractors are expensive as compared to traditional internal combustion models. Moreover, these tractors are not suited for outdoor use, owing to ground clearance and traction constraints. The increased battery consumption is another issue associated with electric tow tractors and restricting sales of these vehicles. As such, electric tow tractors cost significantly less than internal combustion models in long run when in operation.

Other advantages of electric tow tractors involve the designing of models for indoor use, since they do not emit exhaust fumes. Moreover, these tractors have a longer lifespan than conventional models and are more affordable in terms of maintenance. Manufacturers are targeting stock rooms, warehouses, and sales floors to boost their usage in indoor spaces.

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Electric Stand-in Tow Tractors Gain Popularity for Horizontal Transport in Manufacturing

The tow tractors market is expected to surpass the revenue of US$ 1.9 Bn by 2031. Manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities in stand-in tow tractors, which is evident since revenue share of these vehicles is predicted to grow at an exponential rate. Compact Electric Vehicles – a commercial EV retailer in the U.K. is capitalizing on this opportunity to increase the availability of stand-in tow tractors designed with three wheels, an adjustable backrest and interactive display.

Companies in the tow tractors market are increasing their R&D muscle to draw innovations in electric tow tractors, since they are being highly publicized for their energy-efficient motors that enable smooth acceleration and improve productivity. Electric tow tractors are acquiring prominence in order picking and horizontal transport in manufacturing.

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Autonomous Tow Tractors Storm Global Tow Tractors Market

Driverless tow tractors are a new range in the tow tractors market. Seegrid – a manufacturer of self-driving vehicles for the materials handling industry, has announced the launch of its first vision guided vehicle (VGV) to feature auto-charge integration and enhanced sensing technology. Competitor companies are taking cues from such innovations to develop automated tow tractors that feature a shorter mast structure to accommodate in facilities with height restrictions.

Standard auto-hitch capabilities and reverse sensing features are being highly preferred in self-driving tow tractors. The auto-charge technology in these vehicles is grabbing the attention of clients in key industries such as manufacturing, military, and airports. Next-gen self-driving tow tractors are being linked with the company’s fleet management software to automatically send vehicles to charging stations and schedule vehicles to return at the production site once full charge is reached.


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