@toptree Agency’s rapid rise to success is due to the professionalism and bona fide experience of its co-founders.

*_*With the global reach of having more than 10 million clients, Top Tree Agency is the top name in the digital marketing industry.*_

The long-lasting benefits of the online digital marketing world are still less known to the world at large. When you advertise your product in an ad-film or paper ad, it has a higher chance of getting forgotten, no matter how good the advertising is. In online advertising, the product remains etched in the minds of the viewer because they will not stop going online; they stay there. So with the right kind of marketing, a product can be etched in their minds, very naturally and casually. Providing this service, to extraordinary results is Houston, Texas-based online digital marketing firm, called Top Tree Agency.

The firm is owned and co-founded by Layne Schmerin and Jonathan Lepow, who themselves have evolved as highly successful entrepreneurs. Schmerin hailed from the music industry, and Lepow has a dentistry background before a tragedy struck their lives. Their brother, Brandon Lepow, was diagnosed with Cancer & eventually died due to it. Both made it their goal to raise awareness of Cancer among the youth and give them ways of creating a regime that stops it from happening. This led them to project the health benefits and medical advantages of the Cannabis, i.e. marijuana. Schmerin and Lepow felt that for decades having Cannabis has been looked down upon or has been talked about in a negative tone, and they made it their aim to educate the people regarding the same.

They wanted to shatter the wrong beliefs and myths that people had regarding Cannabis. In doing so, they realized the potential they had achieved, and due to research and planning expanded their business by launching the online marketing firm, Top Tree Agency.

Top Tree Agency specializes in targeted campaigns that built explicitly, keeping the needs and requirements of its clients, in mind. Top Tree Agency is known for building, image, brand, and social media presence online. The company generates creative content to engage more & more audiences. It hires influencers who have a bona fide online reach to facilitate their clients’ products to attain maximum reach.

It has garnered over 10 million clients due to its vast web-based reach. The list of clients includes Hemper Co., Atlantic Records, Kushy Punch, & many more. The firm is growing rapidly across the globe, with over 619K followers online.

The company’s acceleration to success is due to its creative image building, exquisite advertising & genuine guaranteed market presence.