Among the different places we have visited, without a doubt, Petra is at the top of the list. Along with the ruins of Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, or the Chinese Wall, among others, the city of the Nabataeans is one of those places capable of hitting such a shot of adrenaline that will make that trip a memory forever.

If you’ve never been to Petra, you probably think that the famous facade of the Treasury, carved into the rock, is Petra and little else. Nothing is further from reality. Petra tours were the ancient capital of the Nabatean kingdom. It is a vast complex that covers more than 10 square kilometers with different temples, caves, and a spectacular landscape that you can explore on your own.

Next, we will give you a whole series of tips to visit Petra answering all those questions that we usually receive by email or through social networks. We hope that they will be of use to you to prepare your trip to Jordan.

What is the best time to travel to Petra?

If your vacation days are flexible, the best dates to visit Jordan and Petra are during the spring and fall months. Summer is very hot, while winter temperatures drop a lot and are usually the days with the most rain. Let’s not forget that the country is located in the Middle East and has a mainly desert climate. May and June and September, and October are usually the best months to travel to Jordan.

How many days does it take to visit Petra?

With three days and their subsequent nights, you can see the most important places in Petra. If you are prepared and in good shape after a couple of days, you can brush a large part of the enclosure. On the first day, we did the Siq, Al-Khazneh (the Treasury), the Royal Tombs, the Roman theater, and the Monastery. We end up busted, but if you go early and are in shape, it is perfectly possible.

During the second day, we dedicate ourselves to exploring and enjoying ourselves. On a third day, we would have loved to go more in detail or repeat those places that had most fascinated us the most.

If you have little time, the idea is to hire an excursion with a guide in Spanish to get to know the best of Petra. There are modalities of one day or two depending on the time you have.

Prepare to walk a lot.

In Petra, you walk a lot. Only with the Siq will we do 3 kilometers with the round trip; if we add the distance between the Treasury and the Monastery, there are already a few more kilometers and about 800 steps of unevenness.

In Petra, wear comfortable shoes to enjoy the show without regretting blisters on the feet or possible stiffness the next day. Take very comfortable hiking clothes and a spare shirt if you are one of those who sweat more than necessary.

What do I take in my backpack while visiting Petra?

The most important thing that should not be missing in a backpack in the Petra compound is water. Plentiful water to spend the whole day. Although you will find several places where they sell at high prices, it is ideal for taking a couple of bottles with you. At the interpretation center, take the opportunity to take a good map of the area with you if you don’t already have one with you.

Are there restaurants or places to eat in Petra?

There are some restaurants in the Petra compound. One is near the walk of Roman columns and another before starting the ascent to the Monastery. The prices are high. Decide for yourself if it is convenient for you to take the food already prepared or if you prefer to go light and eat in restaurants. We opt for the first option.