Top things to do when in Costa Rica

costa rica

Costa Rica is home to beautiful earthy beaches, breathtaking sceneries of sunrise and sunset as well as hefty rain forest with diversified species living in. This beautiful country is in Central America and serves a hot spot for tourists coming from all parts of the world. The peak tourism season that this country can expect starts in summer and remains till September and late October. There are many things that tourists can do when reaching Costa Rica, even if you yourself are planning a trip out here then following is a list of some of the best things that you can do here;


  1. Try River Rafting

One of the most enjoyable sports that can not only increase your adrenaline level but also provides a fulfilling experience of exploring the jungle is River rafting. There isn’t much gear that you require, but all the essentials can be arranged while surfing in Costa Rica. You can take up this adventure of yours at various places throughout the country. To name a few rivers who would splendidly increase the intensity of this experience for you are Pacuare River, Rio Naranjo, Tenorio River as well as the Balsa River.

  1. Plan your trip to a waterfall

You would definitely feel special when standing near a waterfall, looking at the splendid beauty of Costa Rica from such altitude. There is nothing for you to lose from this, you would only probably have to put a whole day free to be able to take on this activity. Tocori and Rio Celeste waterfall are a few recommendations, to begin with.

  1. Ziplining

If you were to Costa Rica and came back without having to experience the wildlife and scenic beauty of the forest then you came back with no adventure at all. In order to make a few memories and enjoy the most adventurous time of your stay in Costa Rica, it is recommended that you plan a zip line expedite with your travel arrangement company to have a head to head with natural habitat and Costa Rica Rainforest.

  1. How about a few hot springs

In Costa Rica, there are probably too many water sports-based activities that you can enjoy, having the luxury to sit and relax in a hot spring bath is definitely one of them. The main reason for such an abundance of hot springs in Costa Rica is because there is a lot of Volcano activity going about. You might want to check out on a few of them and your exploration will duly pay off. It is a very relaxing and tempting experience that you would have with a hot spring bath. Over the years a lot of changes have sprung within the travel policy for Costa Rica that provides support for extra arrangements been done to accommodate tourists in a more flourishing way.


Out of many hot springs that you can find to have a great kick out of your trip include Tabacon Hot Springs, Eco Termales, and Titoku Hot Springs. If you want to make most out of your trip to Costa Rica then these are some of the activities that you can engage in, but for the most part of it, just keep exploring.