Top 5 tips to follow when hiring an accountant for your business

It is important to know that we should always hire an accountant to keep our tax obligations in order and in control.

Therefore, when choosing who will keep the accounting record of the business, we must work to find the best.

Let us remember that the relationship that we will have with our accountant is like the doctor with a patient. An accountant is not only deal with a problem but also to prevent and guide your business.

The important thing about having a good accountant is that he will guide us in meeting tax obligations.

An accountant is extremely important to start a business.

If you are looking for an accountant for your business, we suggest these tips so that your search is successful:

1. Define your needs

It will depend a lot on the needs and payment capacity of your company.

You have several options, you can hire a full-time, part-time accountant or an Online Accountant. For me, I have chosen Wizz Online Accountant service because of their professionalism and affordable price.

2. The best reference is the word of mouth

You can start your search with references from trusted people or owners of other companies whose business is in the same industry as yours.

This way you can ensure that the professional dominates the sector of your business.

3. Conduct a detailed investigation

In addition to knowing the experience that the accountant has in the labor market, their rates and the portfolio of clients that an accountant manages must meet these requirements:

  • Count on your title
  • Have the certification of the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants (IMPC) or failing that of the Mexican Association of Public Accountants (AMPC)
  • Preferably, it belongs to a recognized accounting firm
  • Be updated regarding the technological tools that allow you to perform electronic accounting.
  • That also dominates other professional areas such as the legal part.

A good accountant must have experience and sufficient knowledge in the areas of sales, finance, administration, as well as mastering accounting, tax, and public and personal relations aspects.

4. Interview with the candidates

When and you have candidates in mind it is time to carry out the interview in order to make sure that you are hiring a serious, professional and reliable person.

In the interview you can make them aware of the operations that are carried out in your company and establish the fees and benefits.

It is also recommended to apply tests in order to know if you have the necessary knowledge to carry your business forward.

5. Leave it in writing

When you have already made the choice of the candidate, you must sign a service provision contract where he offers to keep the accounting of your company as well as the calculation of tax obligations.

Constant communication with the accountant you has hired will be important, so you can avoid any accounting problem in your business.

Taking into account all the tips that we promote in this article will allow you to make a good choice to choose the best accountant that will lead your company to success in accounting.


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