There are two ways that you can use to submit your application regarding the police check application. You can do it online or you download a manual form for completion then submit it through the post. Note that any application via email will not be accepted so don’t make that mistake as you will just waste your energy and resources. in this article let us mainly focus on the requirements needed when submitting a national police check.

Make sure you comply with the needs that should be met because if you fail to do so then your application will fail, it will not go through. Quickly let us discuss those requirements in detailed information.

  • Personal information
  • Way of making payments and the documents needed
  • Information for manual applications

Personal information

Provide your known names and the maiden name as well. They should be in full both names you have been given and the maiden name. Your date of birth should be correctly entered as well. Note that both your names and birth date should be correctly captured before saving those details. In the next step, you need to know the appropriate way for making payments.

Way of making payments and documents needed

You can choose to use a visa, an American Express, or a MasterCard if you are paying online. For those filling the forms manually, you can do payments through bank cheque and note that the money should be in Australian dollars, or it must be in money order obtained from Australia post.

Your companies and personal cheques will not be accepted. Submit also identification documents having 100 points on your application form, this is 100 points checklist (DOCX, 480KB) and a 100  point checklist (PDF 580KB), If the applicant is 18 years and below then parental consent will be required.

Information for manual applications

There are various points to note in this area: ensure your form is submitted three months after you have signed it, so after signing don’t keep it at home because you might forget to submit it. Next, you mark the appropriate checkboxes with a cross sign (X). The next thing to do is to secure all paperwork, payments, forms, and identifications to the application. All the details should be entered correctly and the form dated and signed. Also, it’s important to write using block letters i.e. capital letters or uppercase.

Lastly, ensure that money orders and bank cheques are in Australian dollars and payable to the Australian Federal Police. Note that if you are making payments by bank cheque the form should be in an Australian bank or any financial institution that has been affiliated with the Australian bank and the personal and company cheques will not be allowed at any point.

In general, for a successful and online application follow the above guidelines. Make sure you provide the right names and date of birth on your documents .make payments through visa, American Express, or a MasterCard. Following the above guidelines will save your time and fasten your application.