TMR market survey of Sensors in Mobile Phone To Witness Excellent Revenue Growth, Emerging Trends & Forecast To 2018 – 2026

Sensors in Mobile Phone Market: Snapshot

Technological inventions in electronic equipment has increased at a fast pace. Sensors are one such innovation that plays a vital role in the mobile industry. Sensors are the components which measure a physical or environmental quantity and convert it into a signal. Various types of sensors are embedded in mobile phones. The combination of sensors and mobile phones leads to the development of sensor technology which is likely to revolutionize a large number of business sectors. The introduction of smart sensors in smartphones results in an advance computing platform as well as richer functionalities for the smartphones.

global sensors mobile phone market

Sensors in mobile phones offer numerous opportunities for countries that are expected to invest in developing new technological features in the mobile industry. It is anticipated that various vendors are popularizing the use of sensors in order to develop interactive applications and games across operating systems such as Android OS, iOS, and Windows. Several mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on integrating various types of sensors in phones to extend the functional capabilities and features of phones. The embedding of sensors in mobile phones transforms the ordinary mobile phone into a smartphone.

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Key drivers of the sensors in mobile phone market are increasing penetration of smartphones, increase in investments for research and development for technological inventions, and adoption of sensing applications. Demand for mobile phones or smartphones is increasing exponentially due to the advance features offered by the smartphones. Vendors across regions are investing more to develop advance technology for mobile devices. Sensors are widely adopted due to their multiple functions. For instance, smartphones are developed with various sets of cheap, powerful embedded sensors, such as accelerometer, digital compass, gyroscope, GPS, microphone, and camera which enable the creation of personal, group, and community scale sensing applications. Sensors in mobile phones will revolutionize many sectors of economies, including business, healthcare, social networks, environmental monitoring, and transportation. The major restraint faced by the market is the various challenges faced by vendors during the import and export of mobile phones due to the imposition of taxes. The market brings an opportunity for vendors across Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, and South Africa to develop new mobile sensing applications.

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The sensors in mobile phone market is segmented on the basis of sensor type and region. By sensor type, the market is segmented as interface sensors, security sensors, environmental sensors, motion sensors, and others. Interface sensors are classified into proximity sensors, near to field communication (NFC), and ambient light sensor. Security sensors comprise fingerprint sensors and face recognition sensors. It is anticipated that fingerprint sensors have a strong opportunity for the sensors in mobile phone market. Environmental sensors are classified into humidity sensor, temperature sensor, and barometer. Motion sensor segment is segregated as gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, and pedometer.

Regional segmentation of the sensors in mobile phone market includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Asia Pacific is projected to dominate the sensors in mobile phone market due to the presence of strong players in countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Europe and North America are likely to observe strong growth opportunities during the forecast period due to rising investments in the mobile phones manufacturing industry.

Key players of the sensors in mobile phone market are Alps Electric., Bosch Sensortec, Fujitsu Limited, Hillcrest Labs, Inc., InvenSense Inc., MEMSVision., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.., Goertek Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Pyreos Limited, Qualcomm Incorporated, Senodia Technologies, Sensirion, Silicon Laboratories, Inc. , and STMicroelectronics.

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Sensors in Mobile Phone Market -Outline

The worldwide electronics industry is experiencing promising growth avenues from the period of past few years. Major companies manufacturing electronic equipment are growing investments in technological advancements. The invention of sensors has resulted into boosting the growth of present mobile industry. Sensors are gaining immense demand from the worldwide mobile industry. Sensors refer to the components that hold ability to measure environmental or physical quantities and convert them into a signal. Increased penetration of smartphones in all worldwide locations is likely to generate promising sales avenues in the sensors in mobile phone market in the years to come.

Many companies in the mobile phones industry across the globe are growing interest in the sensors use. One of the key purposes behind this strategy is the development of games and interactive applications across various operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android OS. Moving forward, several enterprises in the mobile phone manufacturing industry are concentrated toward the integration of diverse sensors types into phones. This strategy is helping vendors in extending the features and functional abilities of mobile phones. Thus, the incorporation of sensors in mobile phones can transform a regular mobile phone into smartphones.

A mobile phone consists of different types of sensors. While the sensor technology is the output of a blend of mobile phones and sensors, this technology is expected to transform numerous business sectors across the globe. Thus, the launch of smart sensors in smartphones is expected to advance computing platform together with superior functionalities of smartphones. At present, there is extensive growth in the use of fingerprint sensors integrated in smartphones. Apart from this, there is notable increase in the research and development activities in the mobile phones manufacturing industry. These are some of the key factors driving demand avenues in the sensors in mobile phone market.

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