How To Leverage Your Credit to Grow an Automated E-Commerce Business

As a fullback playing football at Alabama State University, Solomon Lacy III has always made way for running backs to score. Today, he does something quite similar, making way to financial freedom. Lacy’s million-dollar company, Fresh Start Financials Group, has given his clients a fresh start in life. With new additions to his menu, like Shopify Automation, he discovered the key to unlocking aggressive returns all while continuing to grow your credit with automated success.

A start in business

While finishing up his Master’s Degree in Clinical and Mental Health Therapy, Lacy played four years of college football. After college, he tried out for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, but knew deep down that he was meant for something bigger and better. With visions of an exclusive corner office, Lacy veered off in another direction — corporate America. While working as a Recruiter for Home Depot, he took out a loan to fuel his big business dreams. This was when Fresh Start Financials Group was born. It was in Home Depot’s unique workplace environment that he realized he loved to help others pursue their financial desires.

A new world

Shopify Automation is one of Lacy’s lead investments for millennials, especially because of the quick return. “In our lifetime, we have seen Black Friday be trumped by Cyber Monday. And Brick and Mortar stores like Toys R Us, JCPenney, and Macy’s shut down because they didn’t adjust too well,” Lacy says. He explains that it is super easy for the client because the process is almost 100% automated, with the exception of a few things that arise while getting started. His team handles everything from marketing, creating and maintaining the website, selecting products to sell, graphics, advertising, and customer support. The client is literally only responsible for paying their credit card bill to continue the ad spending. There is also another big benefit for using your credit card for the Shopify Automation; it will blow your credit card points through the roof! He has achieved entrepreneurial success a lot faster and at a young age. Whether we like it or not, the internet boom has resulted in what is now one of the most common pastimes, online shopping. Millennials invest even when they are skeptical, but it helps with an investment like Shopify Automation because of the daily return of income. This is sure to make any investor happy. Lacy explores wins that others are afraid to, and he does it all for his clients because his client’s wins are his wins.

Expediting Retirement

One of my favorite examples of someone benefiting from this service is a man that, for the sake of privacy, we’ll just have to call Client X. Now, Client X is a VP of a company who is near retirement. He was not feeling too sure about being able to live off his retirement fund, so he decided it was time to start making some passive income. He made a couple of real estate deals that, sadly, didn’t work out. Luckily for him, he sought out the expertise of Lacy at FSFG. Lacy put him on a simple, yet strategic plan so he’d be better prepared to maintain his lifestyle after retirement. But, Lacy wanted more for Client X. So, he introduced him to and set him up with an automated Shopify store, and quickly, it was grossing $20k a month! As a result, Client X’s business and banking relationships even improved. He’s now able to get more funding to essentially reinvest and make more money, passive income for life after retirement.This smart investment helped to shorten the window he saw himself retiring from 10 to 3 years. And all Client X has to do is to continue to pay off his credit cards in order to keep the store running. 

A fresh start

Fresh Start Financials Group gives people the chance to truly have a fresh start. By implementing tools like Shopify Automation, Lacy not only turns your credit rating back to a positive and lendable score, but he helps you achieve that American Dream while boosting your income. He’ll work with anyone, including people who don’t have the best credit — in fact, he prefers it. It’s amazing the things he could do with your credit. I just had to show you all exactly how he could, especially if you don’t want to do the work. Whether you know anything about Shopify or not, I would definitely check out what he could do for you.