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Sulphur Coated Urea Market: An Overview

The sulphur coated urea market is poised to witness robust growth during 2018-2026. Sulphur coated urea is widely used in agriculture for reducing some of the harmful effects of fertilizers including crop burn. These release Nitrogen but in much smaller larger quantities. On average, they release about 32% or 41% of their body weight. The large granual surfaces of coatings was a major problem in the sulphur coated urea market earlier. However, newer material advancements are making it viable to use small surfaces with smaller particle sizes. This expansion of use is expected to be the new of wave of innovation and growth in the sulphur coated urea market in the near future.

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Sulphur Coated Urea Market: Notable Developments

India’s major state-run enterprise, the National Fertilisers Limited or NFL registered record sales of Urea during April-September 2019. The company registered a whopping 27 lakh tonnes of fertilizer sales, which stood at 21.62 lakhs in 2018. Additionally, among this, the sale of urea jumped by 20%, a notable achievements. Additionally, this is despite the major production delays due to a lower production at one of its key production facility. The technical problems at this facility may have hindered growth of the sulphur coated urea market in country. Despite the difficulties, the rising demand for urea and widespread adoption is a major driver for the market.


Rising concerns about sustainability are expected to drive demand from the agriculture sector in the near future. Additionally, rising demand for recreational aesthetics like golf courses, and other luxury amenities are also expected to emerge as major growth drivers for the sulphur coated urea market. Concerns about stringent regulatory framework also remain the sulphur coated urea market. However, rising incomes across the globe, and increasing urbanization are expected to remain dominant drivers of growth in the near future.

Sulphur Coated Urea Market: Drivers and Restraints

The sulphur coated urea market is likely to witness robust growth as economies strive to increase agriculture production across the world. The sulphur coated urea are popularly used in the US and Europe. The rising urbanization across the world, the growing demand for food and food products, and growing population are expected to drive growth of the sulphur coated urea market. Sulphur coated urea products help farmers increase agriculture yields considerably. Additionally, these higher yields are essential as governments around the world continue to emphasize on modernisation of agriculture to maximise efficiency. The rising demand for food and beverage sector, rising consolidation of agricultural land, and growing demand for urea across the world is expected to drive growth in the near future.

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Sulphur Coated Urea Market: Geographical Analysis

Sulphur coated urea market is expected to witness robust growth in North America. The large geographical expansion of the agricultural sector in the region, the rising demand for food products, vast modernisation of agriculture, and rising profit margins in the agriculture sector are expected to drive growth of the Sulphur coated urea market. Additionally, it is also expected to witness robust growth n Asia Pacific. Rising demand for food products, increased investments in modernisation, and growing disposable income in the region driving demand for agriculture products are expected to result in robust growth. Europe is also expected to witness major growth as stringent regulatory environment has not yet dampened spirits of manufacturers. The supporting policy framework for reducing nitrogen control, and increasing yields are expected to drive growth of the sulphur coated urea market in the region.a