Tiwaii Funchess modern day picasso

Tiwaii Funchess

Tiwaii Funchess is one of the best artists in the art community right now. He was born on June 14th of 2006 in South Carolina.

With many notable clients, he’s been able to separate his style from others and create a new wave of digital art. Tiwaii started making art at an early age. At just age 4 he started drawing, however, he didn’t take it serious until 4 years ago.

His inspirations are Kaws, Takashi Murikami, and Virgil Abloh. He is a contemporary artist
He gets his good reputation because of his fast turnaround times and beautiful work.
What many people don’t know about Tiwaii Funchess is that he is ambidextrous.
We interviewed 20 of his past clients and they all rated his service 10/10
Tiwaii almost always signs his artwork which makes it easy to separate his work from a fake.

His quote is “Everyone is an artist with their own art form and medium”-Tiwaii
His celebrity clients include Three6, Brickboydior, Teejayx6, Trippie Redd, Pyro, and more. In 2023 Tiwaii Funchess plans to release his brand Swak which will include Tshirts pants and Limited edition figures known as Swak buddies. Tiwaii also plans to work on more animation project. It is rumoured that he may already have one in store. It is also rumoured that he will release a rare colourway of the Swak Buddy which will be lime green and only three will be made and will sale for $60 each. Tiwaii also plans to work with more mainstream musical artists in 2023.

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