Tips to maintain mental health amidst the pandemic

The advent of Covid-19 has been cruel to mental peace and happiness. With so much going around, it gets a little difficult to maintain the calm of your mind and to remain positive. It has made us realise once again that mental health is as important as physical well-being.


It is all the more essential to realise a few essential things before the world goes back to normalcy. Here are a few basic suggestions you can follow to look after your mental health and well-being, and also of your loved ones:


  • Stay connected with your loved ones:

The pandemic has surely made us realise the importance of meetings, hangouts and casually going out. It is advised to stay at home and not to go out unnecessarily. Since you cannot meet your friends, colleagues or carry out everyday activities, it is natural to feel upset or frustrated. Keep in mind that communication can help you feel better.


  • Social distancing does not mean isolation:

Do not isolate yourself from others. Communicate, express and listen. Staying indoors does not mean you’re in a vacuum where voices cannot travel. It can be relaxing to spend some time with yourself but if something is bothering you, talk about it.


  • Limit the consumption of news

There is a lot that is going around. As much as you would like to stay informed, limit your hours on news outlets. When you read or listen to a lot of negative incidents in a day, you will automatically feel upset. Educate yourself and keep yourself updated, but keep the balance between too much hostile information and your mental well being.


  • Self-care is necessary

Eat a healthy diet and from time to time, drink enough water and have a good night’s sleep. These basic habits do not feel really basic anymore. Binge-watching your favourite shows through the night and taking work calls in the morning can really be exhausting. Give yourself the care that you deserve.


  • Pick a hobby or engage yourself in things that you enjoy

The good news is now you have enough time to pursue things you couldn’t earlier. Draw something, spread colours, pen down your feelings, jump a little to your favourite music, and keep yourself distracted.


  • Go with the flow

Do not burden yourself to excel in something after the pandemic is over. Even if you’re engaging in an art form or a new skill, do it because you are enjoying it. Be gentle with yourself.


  • There is hope

Read a book or simply reaffirm yourself with positive statements. Tell yourself that you are going to get through this and that it will get better. This can help you feel better and gain reconciliation.


  • Meditate and breathe

If you are feeling anxious, take deep, long breathes. This gives your mind some time to calm down and makes you will feel less anxious. Possibly, try to meditate every morning or whenever you’re comfortable. You can also watch sessions online and exercise for some time.


  • Ask for help

Remember that your feelings are valid and they are there for some reason. There is nothing wrong with requiring some help. Tell a close friend or a family member if you are feeling low. If you’re dealing with a mental health problems, stay in touch with your therapist. Professional help is beneficial in the long run and it helps you navigate your feelings.


Doctors at AMRI suggest that one should never stop taking medications without consulting concerned doctors. If you have a prescription from your doctor, you should follow it. There are various mental health help lines available online, which are accessible and provide valid consultations.


The times are challenging but it will change for good. Hold on!