Tips for planning a budget trip to Zanzibar Island tips

The primary step to planning the best Zanzibar holidays is research. Research on places that you want to visit, holiday packages in Zanzibar, and cheap flights to Zanzibar. Most of us normally do not have the necessary time to do the painstaking research that planning a best vacation require. Thankfully, there are several firms on the online world that deal exclusively with holiday related information. Everything you need to know the travel in Zanzibar is here.

Stay longer on Zanzibar

As the slow ferry costs $40 return ticket, which not too affordable, try to stay more days on the island. Even if the accommodation is costly in Zanzibar, it is also possible to find few affordable rooms near the beach. Best plan if you like the beach, cause swimming and walking are still free and you will relax in the tropical island.

Eat in local restaurants of Zanzibar

Tourist restaurants are costly, prices are generally in US$. Even for a bottle of water, visitors restaurants charge you two to three times more.  We advise eating in local places, it is truly affordable. In Stone Town there are a few very best and clean local restaurants. On the beaches, more village atmosphere, food offer is more hygienic and limited conditions too, but we were not sick and forever found something, do not hesitate. And there are also markets and shops!

Bring sufficient cash to Zanzibar beaches

Stone town is the only location in Zanzibar where you will find ATMs, so before going to the beaches do not forget to take cash. The affordable lodges generally do not accept bank cards.

Mix Zanzibar beaches and stone town

Accommodation is more costly in Stone town than at the beaches. Stone town is an amazing location to visit in subsaharian Africa, a medina full of history, which transport you to Morocco and Middle East. Fully different of East Africa town. We like it, walking in the little streets, getting lost there. But it is also warm place and noisy. So beaches are a best combination for relaxing, balancing, calm tropical environment there.

Enjoy the Zanzibar beaches for free

The island is a perfect place if traveling around Africa, with its tropical feeling and combination of people. After four months traveling around eastern and southern Africa, we truly enjoyed the place, because if you do not want spend a lot of cash doing tours or activities, you do not have too many things to perform sometimes and cities in Africa and have no real interest.

Here are some best things to do in Zanzibar