Things to know about handyman insurance

If you have thoughts to start a handyman business, then you might have also thought about the handyman insurance. Starting a business as well as shopping for insurance might be overwhelming for you and thus, it is important to know the things that you have to know regarding the handyman insurance. With that, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you will get the right coverage on the best price.

Do you require handyman insurance?

If you are in any handyman business and it happens that someone ends up getting hurt or there is something that gets damaged, you might find yourself getting liable financially. While it is not a legal requirement, insurance is believed to be important. Apart from helping to protect you from the claims which are made against your handyman business or yourself, to have handyman insurance might help you to convert potential customers to sales.


The handyman insurance will not be a deal breaker generally if you have domestic clients, but it is a way of limiting the risks just in case you happen to damage the home of your customer. But most companies for property management and contractors will want to see a certificate of insurance; you will not want to miss out on such businesses just because you happen not to have coverage.

What is the type of insurance that a handyman requires?

There are some handymen who will take whatever project which comes their way, while for others, they might decide to specialize in particular trades like carpentry. It means that, a single policy of insurance is not going to necessarily offer the right coverage for each type of handyman job. Different companies of insurance have different exclusions with things such as water damage being hidden in small prints, and thus, it is necessary that you find a policy which covers all the services that you are planning to offer.

Before you purchase any particular insurance, you have to take a look at the outline of the coverage in the policy and find out if your services will be covered. You don’t want to find yourself paying for an insurance which does not cover the services of handyman which you are offering.  There are a variety of handyman insurance plan which cover things such as professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance, tools cover and even goods in transit.

As a handyman, the tools that you have are very important to you as they are what enable you to hatch a living and to have such tools being covered denotes that you will be in a position to replace them in case they get damaged or get lost because of vandalism or theft. Because there are no requirements for the insurance of handyman, you have to consider the overall risk which you are applying to as an individual or to your business as you buy a policy. That is what you need to be striving for.