The Secret behind Health and Fitness by Alex Patrick Zanders

While scrolling through social media or video-sharing platforms, you often come across those almost perfect bodies of celebrities or fitness freaks. For a minute, you too dream of getting a physique like that. Really, who doesn’t want well-defined abs or some strong muscles? Or going out with friends with a jolly mood all the time? But it is when you start to follow a routine, you come to realize things need a different effort, especially when your will power is suddenly nowhere to be found.  

Staying fit and healthy by doing physical activities will not only lower diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure but also reduce stress. Studies have been known to prove that a considerable amount of both men and women doesn’t work-out or do physical activities as it requires our human body to function ideally. But it is never too late to start working out and getting fit. 

Here are some of the open secrets by Alex Patrick Zanders that you need to reconsider. 

A healthy mindset 

When we talk about health, it is important to include mental well-being as well. Only a positive attitude towards fitness and health will help you achieve both. Alex Patrick Zanders believes that same. A calm and positive mindset will help you throughout your fitness process. Living a spiritual life is not supposed to exclusive to only aged people. The sooner you start, the better shape you will be able to give your life.  

Having said that, staying away from unnecessary stress is equally important. To maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, you must master self-control. 

A balanced routine 

Having a well-balanced routine is the most important part of staying fit and a healthy lifestyle. So, what does a balanced routine includes?  

  • Sleep schedule: Work on sleeping early and waking up early. Set a particular time when you are going to sleep every day and make it a habit. Don’t forget to make sure you are having proper sleep every day. 

It is also important to note that taking medicines or caffeine to stay awake must be completely avoided.  

  • Eating schedule: Good food is a must. Forget all those junk, canned foods, and start welcoming fruits and vegetables. Set a particular time for eating. It is also very important to eat before 8 pm during night-time.  

Skipping breakfast is a rather common phenomenon that most people know is to be wrong and yet does it. Don’t make the same mistake. Eat a good breakfast and a light dinner. Also, keep in mind that your body needs a variety of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

Tip: Avoid alcohol. 

Exercise or work out daily 

Every day, our daily physical activity might not be enough for staying physically fit and healthy. So, to stay fit, we must include exercise and workouts that meet our ideal body and fitness expectations. The only way to do this is to start with a workout routine. Start with beginner’s routine, if you are new, and then go on adding different exercises to your routines. Make it fun. It doesn’t have to be bland. Include dancing exercises and use workout music to stay active during the workouts. 

You can consider taking a gym membership as well. It will boost your motivation when you see everyone else working out. You will also be guided on different exercises, with different pieces of equipment, for different parts of your body. 

If going to a gym is out of the option, you can watch and follow some fitness vloggers on YouTube, a lot of channels with professionals share guided tutorials and their daily routines for their subscribers to follow and workout. But remember to always consult your doctor before you start following their workout routine