The positive impact of online games on mental health

When it comes to leisure pursuits, gaming heads above the rest. Digital or online gaming is the current hot ticket among kids and adults alike. Gaming has always been misunderstood for its negative impacts whereas it is often used as a coping mechanism to get through tough times.

The positive impacts of electronic games are overshadowed by negative impacts. Online gaming has a bad rep for aggressive behavior, poor academic performance, and promoting solitude. In the grand scheme of things, the good done by online games cannot be overlooked.

Fun Fact: Around 68% of mobile or tablet owners indulge in playing online mobile games.

Can video games help in recovery?

Yes, it does, it does help you in recovering from PTSD and even substance abuse disorder. A recent study conducted to prove this point and the results have surprised the victims. Dr. Michelle Colder (a public health researcher) wrote an article back in 2018 in which she confessed how she has recovered from her mental health problems with the help of video games.

How long should you be playing a video game a week?

Kids(7 to 11 years of age):

1 hour.


More than an hour but less than 3.

Positive Impact of Online gaming on Mental

You might have been told that video games will rot your brain but it’s not true.  Even violent ones help you in improving your social skills and learning. But you will have to play it the right way.

Check out how it is helping its players in recovering from mental health problems.An online sports hub goodtotosite playing important role.


The myth around playing online games is that it is inimical to mental and emotional health. Often times used as a support tool by gamers to get through difficult times or build a strong social connection with friends.

Development of cognitive functions

Online or video gaming develops quick-wittedness and problem-solving skills as the gamer is always mentally alert carefully planning every move and calling the shots. Surges of neurotransmitters strengthen neural circuits and improve the level of concentration.

Online gaming improves reaction time by processing the stimulus faster to cope with new situations.


Improves Memory

Gaming improves memory as the gamer remembers a lot of pieces of information related to the game. Location, numbers, items, and other points one holds in his mind to win the game.

This fun exercise of stimulating memory helps in recalling other important details of life’s matters.

Improves attention span:

Studies have shown that even an hour of a video game can actually aid in boosting your attention span as it messes with the brain’s region responsible for attention. It helps in developing the habit of giving undivided attention to even little things around us.

A rewarding distraction:

Depression, suicides, and anxiety attacks are common these days. It relaxes your mind and soul by distracting it from the object of disturbance. It acts as an escape from this cruel world.

Final word

As we all know and have been hearing since we were kids that excess of everything is bad. Gaming does help you in so many ways but its addiction can make it all worse. So, if you want to gather all positives of it you must not let it run your day.