The planets in the solar system are different sizes and are located at different distances from the sun and each other.

    They each follow their own orbit and rotate at their own unique speeds. They absorb different amounts of sunlight and radiation.

    They each have their own magnetic fields and their own unique gravitational intensities. Weather too is unique according the the combination of the above factors.

    These are the most prominent members of our solar system family and from the earth perspective we also include its satellite, the moon. Each planet and moon is distinct in its own qualities and substance. It is this uniqueness that the astrologer derives meaning from.

    The main premise of astrology is that we are part of life and that life is both subjective and objective. There are definitely physical forces in the world that affect us. There is also meaning in life and purpose to individual existence.

    The astrologer believes that there is a relationship between our personal, subjective lives and the outer circumstances in the universe. To refer to Einstein’s theory of relativity: Everything is inter-related. Nothing can change without it affecting everything and everyone else.

    This, to an astrologer confirms the inter-relatedness of life, planets, and human beings. That every phenomena has personal meaning, is the astrologer’s main assumption.

    In astrology, each planet has its own unique nature that parallels its physical qualities. Since each planet has its own seasons and relative positions to earth, it therefore also has different qualities accentuated at different phases of its orbit. It is these differing expressions of each planetary nature that the astrologer studies carefully.

    The relevance of each little change to an individual’s life and destiny is delineated by the astrologer who makes an attempt to translate this meaning into the context of the the individual’s circumstances and concerns.

    At birth we start with the planets in certain positions. These planetary position colour our personality and our character. The world however does not stop because we got on it. Everything keeps on moving on according to its own natural rhythm or orbit.

     So the question arises as to where we are in the scheme of all this momentum and meaning. This is the question the astrologer directs much of his attention to. Sometimes we ask the same question in a different way ….. “What’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this?”.

    Perhaps it will be easier to think of each planet as the hand of a clock, and the zodiac as the dial. (In fact it would be more accurate to imagine the hand of a clock as a cross with four points – one in each direction, so that each planet would always set up four critical points.)

    Where the planets were when you were born would be the alarms that are set to go off at specific times. When each planet moves around the zodiac it is, for any individual, more or less quiet until it sets off an alarm or two.

    When the alarm goes off, a crisis or major change occurs in our lives. The fascinating thing is that the planetary positions are determined for thousands of years and can be calculated. It is also fairly easy to calculate when the alarms will go off.

    This means that the crises in our lives can be determined in advance. They will happen when they are supposed to. It is as if the universe or more specifically the solar system, plays the music of life, or the music of the spheres.

     We as individuals dance to the tune. The astrologer, is like the conductor who can read the music and express the implications of it to the dancers. It is up to the dancers (you and I) to make the most of the information at our disposals.

    So many people are out of tune with their own lives and destinies that they are exceptionally confused, lost and desperate. Astrology can help to put the order and purpose of life back into perspective.

    Each planet represents a unique frequency or dimension of life. Each planet is like a very special instrument.

    The musician will try to play all 12 themes or zodiac signs within the scope of the instruments’ own nature. All the planets together are playing in the solar system orchestra. Dance on! Dance on!