The New Phone Delivery Scam Review

Scam found about a new brand new scam that has started which involve a person delivering at your door phone.  You will then get another different knock on your door from a courier who will ask about you to give them the phone back, claiming that they delivered the gadget by mistake. You will think about it because of the confusion. You’re probably wondering if this is a scam or not because it’s one of the most expensive mistakes one can make. Surprise! You are going to see here that this is a scam, a sophisticated way in which thieves have started ripping off people. Delivery scams are now on the rise, and many victims have been left out of their pockets by fraudsters.

How you get tricked

When criminals access your details during the time you place an order, they can con you using the delivery scam through high-value packages which they will trick you into handing them over. They will order and attempt to intercept again. It can be summed up as identity theft.

The crooks can pose as a courier whenever they fail to intercept the delivery to your location. They claim of wrong delivery of the item to your house. As found on this website, a victim of this scam told that when the situation happened, they wondered how someone would order the phone using their details. Their credit rating could be impacted due to this fraud, and they were at the time buying themselves a house. The scammers aim at getting your details which they will use later on, and it’s risky.

Actions that you should take

If you get an unexpected visit from a courier who has come to collect any item from your home, then you shouldn’t hand it over. You need to check and confirm all their credentials with the company that they claim they are working for them. If you feel that you are experiencing fears, then you need to contact the police immediately.

After you make contact with the retailer about the package you received which is of high-value, you need to arrange on how you can send it back. You can click here to visit our site and check the different ways to make contact successfully. As you can see here, if you give into the scammer, then you would be risking yourself to experiencing identity theft which is currently on the rise. You will much later experience a suspicious activity on your bank account, and it would be best to report it immediately to the bank. Your personal documents shouldn’t be left exposed and if need, you should shred them away if you don’t require them.