The Latest Way to Do Contactless Shopping

The pandemic has made human contact restricted. In this case, everyday activities like shopping and eating out are restricted and a lot of caution has to be exercised while going out. So, shopping for daily essentials has become a task. As more and more people get infected with the virus, businesses are trying to come up with newer ways to serve their customers while minimising the risk of contracting the virus.

‘Click and Collect’ is the newest service that businesses have started providing so that customers can shop for their everyday essentials while not putting themselves and the store workers at risk. Read on to find out more about what ‘Click and Collect’ is and how you can use it to make shopping easier and risk-free for yourself and your family members.

What is ‘Click and Collect’?

This is a type of service provided by stores around the UK. As the name suggests, a ‘click and collect’ service allows shoppers to click on items that they wish to buy and collect them at a later time. Supermarkets and stores around the UK are adopting this policy so that shopping can be made as contactless as possible. Here is how you can use it as well.

How to Use a ‘Click and Collect’ Service? 

This feature is very simple to use. You have to visit the website of any business that offers the ‘click and collect’ service. Then you can add the things that you wish to purchase to the cart and while choosing the delivery option you must click on the ‘Click and Collect’ option. Then you will be taken to a page where you will have to select the place from where you will collect your order. For debenhams click and collect service, you can pick a Debenhams store that is near you for your purchases to be dropped off at.

This will be the place from where you collect the things you bought. If you cannot find the store that is nearest to you then you can use the ‘Store Locator’ on the Next click and collect page. You can choose from 500 locations to enjoy the Next click and collect feature and Debenhams click and collect lets you pick up your purchases from 120 stores around UK. Once you have picked your collection location, you can go ahead with your payment for the stuff you bought. Once the payment is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation of your purchase over email. Your order details, reference number and expected date and time of delivery will also be available on this email confirmation. Now, all you have to do is wait for the goods to arrive at the collection spot so you can go and pick it up.

To collect your purchases, here are some things that you might need.

  1. A photographic ID card bearing the same name with which the order has been placed.
  2. The confirmation email or text that you must have received on placing your order.
  3. The debit or credit card with which you paid for your order.

These three things are mandatory and you might not be allowed to collect your order if you do not have these with you. You will be notified over text or email when your goods have arrived and are ready to be picked up. You can, then, go and collect the things that you bought from the designated pickup spot. This service is highly recommended by customers who are starting to enjoy the perks of Debenhams click and collect and Next Click and Collect.

To Conclude

Going contactless is better for the safety of both, store workers and the customers. Keeping this in mind, the ‘click and collect’ service has been rolled out and it has found favour with people from around UK for whom shopping for daily essentials has become less of a hassle.