If you are planning to take a vacation to Morocco, boutique hotels are the place to go! Morocco is known for the elaborate courtyard gardens and intimate spaces of its stylish and romantic boutique hotels. 

With their vast fauna, lush green flora, and dry tolerant plants, morocco boutique hotels are one of the famous choices of the tourists. Some of these hotels are equipped with some of the most extraordinary Moorish, Spanish and Andalusian architecture along with the traditional Moroccan tile work. And no place can ever match the authentic, traditional Moroccan hospitality exercised at the Moroccan boutique hotels.

You will not regret the decision of staying at the Moroccan boutique hotels because the traditional vibe and the hospitality of these hotels are unmatched.

Want to experience all the authentic traditional experiences at the best prices but don’t know which hotel to choose? Don’t worry, in this article, you will find some of the best luxury boutique hotels in Morocco.

Hotels to stay in Marrakech  

Riad Kniza 

Owned by a Moroccan family for over two centuries, Riad Kniza is one of the most prized and promising destinations for travelers. Due to its traditional practices like offering mint tea and Moroccan pastries, along with the rich mix of cultural and modern architecture and decor, it is one of the most popular Boutique hotels among the masses including the celebrities like Bill Gates and Gary Kasparov.

Along with the basic amenities like the restaurant, laundry service, and wifi, they also offer Hammam, massage services, and a very fabulous rooftop terrace. It is one of the most famous luxury boutique hotels in Morocco

La Maison Arabe 

It is famous for being the first restaurant and original Riads with the traditional Morocco boutique hotels in Marrakech. Not only does it have an old, traditional, and captivating architecture, but also is known for its exclusive amenities like the gym and spa they offer. Not only this, but you can also try their luxurious massage or cooking class with a dada chef.

Riad Idra

It is a luxurious cocoon shielded riad located in the Dar El Bacha region of the Marrakech medina. It is a full package with basic amenities like spa, hammam, and rooftop terrace sitting along with the contemporary house full of light and jewel-like decor. It is definitely a place worth staying in if you are looking for the most authentic traditional experiences.

Hotels to stay in Rabat 

STORY Rabat 

STORY Rabat is the pick of the luxury boutique hotels in Rabat. The breath-taking interiors of the hotel are inspired by the artwork of famous historic influencer Zyriab paying homage to his contributions. It offers a range of services from restaurants to event halls and outdoor swimming pools to Spa. The peaceful environment allows you to relax and unwind without being bothered by anything. The hotel provides all the necessary amenities and you can expect top-notch services throughout your stay.

Villa Mandarine 

When somebody says luxury boutique hotel Rabat, the first place that comes to mind is the Villa Mandarine. Nestled in the heart of an orange grove, it is one of the best luxury hotels in Rabat. Along with its basic amenities like the spa, swimming pool, and gym, it also offers a peaceful hideaway through the vast variety of succulents and gardens filled with bougainvillea.

Riad Kalaa

Built by Ermir Ben Tachfine on the banks of the Bouregreg River, Riad Kalaa is a well-appointed riad in Rabat, just a few steps away from the ocean. Their services include a dipping pool. Spa, shaded terrace, wifi, and laundry services.

Riad L’Alcazar 

With a wonderful roof terrace and views of the medina charms, it is one of the best luxury boutique riads in Rabat.  Its designer décor and grand elegance make it the best spot to have a memorable overnight stay.

Hotels to stay in Skoura 

Les Jardins Des Skoura 

Near the high atlas mountains, nestled in the Skoura Palmeraie is located the unassuming farmhouse. With its setup of huge gardens and farm-to-table cuisine using the organic ingredients grown in this garden, Les Jardins is one of the best hotels in the south of Morocco.

L’Ma Lodges 

It is a chic guest house in the heart of Skoura Palmeraie owned by Xavier and Vanessa. It is basically a traditionally built adobe house surrounded by an outdoor garden. It is a perfect place to come for a getaway with your partner and is the perfect spot for romantic stays and honeymoons.

Hotels to stay in Essaouira 

L’Heure Bleue Palais 

Built into the medina walls of the coastal town of Essaouira, it is an oasis-based luxury boutique hotel. Owned by the Jewish secretary of the king, Andre Azult, it is one of the ideal places to stay for the people interested in luxury hotels. Along with its basic amenities like the swimming pool, hammam, rooftop terrace, and bar, it also offers the luxurious facilities of the cinema and Gourmet restaurant for its guests.

Villa De L’O  

It is one of the most charming luxury boutique hotels with its 18th-century elegant furniture and colonial-style elegance. Not only are they good with the modern facilities like the rooftop terrace and restaurants, but they are also very big on traditions like serving tea and pastries to all the guests on their arrival. Due to its services and the beautiful sea view, it is one of the most liked hotels to live in!

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