The greatest hip-ho Its64boy

Gregory Criag Brown Jr. Also known as Its64boy, a graduate of Norfolk State University, he studied mass communication and music technology. He completed 4,000 hours of unpaid recording in the same studio that Pharell Williams used to sneak into. Ultimately, it was only a matter of time before this avid pioneer started his own music-focused venture.


Its64boy has always wanted to go to the NBA and make a career there. When he was 14 years old, he tried it out for the basketball team and the nurse who did the physical exam checked his heart and said: “Your heartbeat is abnormal, irregular and you can die overnight.” other.

“This prevented Its64boy from pursuing his dream because he was afraid of losing his life. When he was not selected for the game, Its64boy recorded music and became his NBA. With a deep passion for music, he treats it every day like a sport and live there.


Its64boy has done some phenomenal projects this year. Its64boy is a label owner, producer and artist who poses a triple threat to the music industry. Its64boy is known as Virginia’s Tool because when the game needs to be fixed, Its64boy is here to fine tune the game.


It all started when I, Gregory Its64boy Brown, was 4 years old and my pop DJ Skeet, Smokey Robinson, The Beatles and Dr. Dre, The Chronic, saw it. I always wanted to get on the mic when they were freestyle, but they told me I was too young. As I got older, I freestyle in front of the mirror while playing on the walls while my mom and dad were at work.

Then I got my first CD and cassette player for Christmas and recorded my first song “Don’t play with me” on my player. Pharrell Williams attended Norfolk State University with a mass communications major and a music technology major and completed 4,000 hours of unpaid recording in the same studio.


He snuck into NSU and produced for talent. Getting the 64 name came from traveling back and forth from Richmond to Norfolk, where he worked with talents that rocked the east and west. All these milestones in my life inspired and motivated me to found the Stackin Up Entertainment LLC label.

Its64boy got its name from Norfolk State University because you take 64 East to go from Richmond, Go to Norfolk, Go and 64 West to come back from Norfolk, Go to Richmond, Virginia, so they call me 64 because I move east and to the West.