The Cost of Installing Air Conditioning in the UK

With hot weather becoming more of a frequent occurrence in the UK and no sign of this trend stopping anytime soon, it’s no surprise that many homeowners in the UK are looking into the possibility of installing an air conditioning system at home. Air conditioning is increasingly a standard feature of offices and shops in the UK so it makes sense to consider a home installation for those hot summer months. However, there are several things to take into consideration before making a purchase, as well as how much installing air conditioning is likely to cost you.


The Different Types of Air Conditioning


There are many different types and a range of brands of air conditioner available for different styles of homes and budgets. But what do the different types do and how do you know which is the right one for you? This guide can help guide you through the buying process and give you a rough idea of the cost of installing air conditioning in your home.


Portable Air Conditioners


Also known as ‘single-unit’ and ‘monoblock’ air conditioners, standalone air conditioners can be plugged into a mains socket with the hose connected to fresh air through a window. These are about as effective at cooling as portable heaters are at heating your home. The design means that you don’t need to install anything permanently which gives you the flexibility to change the room you’re cooling, they can also be unplugged and stored during cooler months which is ideal for living in the UK where weather is often changeable. However, you may need someone to help you move the unit as they can often be very heavy and they aren’t as effective as split unit air conditioners.

Prices for a portable air conditioner start at around £380.



Split Unit Air Conditioners


If you have a room which gets hot on a regular basis or you want to invest in keeping your home cool, split air conditioning units are a more secure and permanent way of cooling your home. Unlike portable units these are fixed to the ceiling in a room and don’t have a hose which makes them more appealing to the design conscious. They also tend to be quieter and more effective than portable units. Some have a sleep function which makes them silent at night which is perfect if you struggle to sleep with the noise. It’s probably no surprise that as these units have to be installed by a professional they are likely to set you back considerably more than a portable unit with prices starting at £500 without installation fees.

Central Air Conditioning

As the name implies, with central air conditioning the units work from a central location to distribute conditioned air evenly throughout a building using an external heat pump and ductwork to direct the air. Not often used in homes, this type of air conditioning is highly effective and usually found in offices, shops and commercial buildings. However, if you have a large property (and budget) and want a highly effective reliable cooling system central air conditioning is a powerful option.  The cost for buying and installing central air conditioning will vary hugely depending on the size of the property and your specifications, on a new build office for example, it may cost somewhere in the region of £2,000, without labour.

Why it’s worth investing in good quality Air conditioning


If you’re struggling to sleep during hot summer nights and the small bedroom fan just feels like it’s moving hot air around you may want to consider investing in a more effective air conditioner. Unlike other cooling methods, air conditioners use a refrigerant to actually absorb the heat from a room and cool down the air, rather than just circulating it around. Though air conditioning tends to be more expensive than other options, it’s also the most effective.