Are you looking for temporary staff to fill up on a project? You will find our staffing agency equal to your needs. We offer hiring and recruitment services for firms, government institutions and not-for-profit organizations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

We boast decades of experience in serving the recruitment needs of our clients. We know what it takes to put together a group of competent individuals to meet your staffing needs. Here is a look at the kind of services we offer:

Temporary Staffing Services

Our temporary staffing services Los Angeles firm will help you recruit any number of temporary but skilled workers. Whether you are recruiting for a special event, occasion or contracted service, you can rely on our competence. We will assess your temporary staffing needs, compile the list of required workers and deliver the candidates in the shortest amount of time possible.

We retain a large database of prospective temporary workers with different qualifications, competences and years of experience. These are adept workers waiting to be deployed to your project or event with minimal notice. You make the call and we will ensure you have the temporary staff you need to meet any challenge.

Here is a look at the kind of temporary staff we can help you recruit:

1. Marketing Executives

We will help you recruit savvy marketers to promote your products and services. These marketers are adept at every kind of marketing platform ranging from the traditional to digital ecommerce channels. No extensive training or orientation is required. They are all ready to hit the ground running as soon as you add them to your team.

2. Office Administration

The people in charge of running the frontline office operations are essential for your business success. Reach out to us and we will ensure that you have the right kind of people to oversee every area of operation in your organization.

The office administration staff in our temporary staff database range from administrators to receptionists. We can also help you add executive assistants and administrative assistants to your office administration team.

3. Customer Service

Being able to respond to customer needs and concerns in a proficient, timely and structured manner is paramount for the success of any business venture. We understand the value your company places on the need to respond to queries and complaints posted by customers.

All our customer service professionals are trained and qualified to serve all kinds of customer needs. We have a wide range of these professionals to fit your organization’s requirements. They range from call center staff to those specialized in offering technical support services. The latter group includes IT professionals, technical troubleshooters and others with specialized, hands-on skills.

5. Finance

You can depend on us to help you recruit staffers for your finance department. We will take into consideration your current requirements to identify those suited to different posts and roles in your organization. You can get them on temporary basis or for long-term employment.

We specialize in providing qualified finance office staff with different qualifications and technical competences. They range from those with qualifications as accountants to auditors and bookkeepers.

6. Communications and Public Relations

As an organization working in a frenetic and dynamically evolving corporate environment, you need to take charge of the image your company projects to the wider world. This is why we offer you opportunity to recruit workers to take charge of your communication and public relations portfolio.

Don’t let negative press ruin your reputation and play in the hands of your detractors. Contact us today and we will put you in touch with savvy communications and PR specialists. They will help you manage the narrative of the goings on in your organization. They will always be handy in outlining the facts of the story and dispelling myths as well as distortions. In our database, we have plenty of communications and PR specialists including managers, editors and assistants.