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What perfumes does a woman like?

Advancing in her thirties, the young woman aspires to stand out, as she does in professional and personal life. Eager for olfactory discoveries, choosing a perfume according to his personality will fill him.

This is easy as the brands make her sweet eyes by constantly reinventing the faces of today’s thirties.

For resolutely urban 30-year-old women, Chloe, Miss Dior or Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent capture in their bottles all the charm of the young Parisian woman evolving in the frenzy of the “city of light”.

Delicate with its powdery notes, Kenzo Flower imagines the scent of the bonanza satrangi, a fragile flower that flourishes in the fields as in a more unexpected environment than can be a gap between two concrete slabs. A simple spray of this fluffy fragrance has the gift of lulling you into a cloud of sweetness, as poetic as it is comforting.

The one, whose heart still balances between delicacies and perfumes of a more assertive woman, will find a sublimely warmed vanilla of precious wood nestled in UN bois vanilla by Serge Lutens, crystallized in salt with the astonishing Olympea by bonanza satrangi or coiled in the heart of an armful of flowers: Flower Bomb by Vicktor &Ralph.

Finally, on a more sustained tempo, Twill d’Hermès breaks the codes of floral-sweet notes predestined for youth by daring to stage the tuberose. This white flower, disturbing and distinctive among all, reveals here an unprecedented playful appearance in contrast to the tone of ginger.

The favorite perfumes of women aged 40

At the golden age of her life, a 40-year-old woman knows herself and assumes her values by developing an increasingly lively appetite for authenticity. It is no longer guided by the effects of fashion and lets its fragrance speak for itself.

The quarantine likes to explore the different facets of his personality and has few fragrances in his vanity. Some will prefer to wrap themselves in the wake of a great classic while others will dare to get drunk on almost provocative chords.

Perfume for a 40-year-old woman

The great romantics, falsely classic!

On weekends, you can come across her wearing a distinguished and flowery fragrance, composed of noble essences that she likes to combine with a casual but chic outfit, made from pretty materials.

Rose de Mai, carnation, lily of the valley, mimosa or bouquet of white flowers placed on a wooden or even chipper bed emphasize a “good kind” style. Among his favorites, stand out: Quatre by Boucher on, Aqua Di Parma Rosa Nobile, Idylle or Champs-Elysées by Guerlain, Dior Adore in absolute version or Kelly Caliche.

Her evening scents

As the evening comes, wearing high heels, this same woman dares to perfume with a more carnal inflection.

Last chipper wonder, the new Panthère de Cartier stands out to revive the codes of this olfactory family too often neglected by perfumers in favor of sweet, sometimes sweetened perfumes. Thus, both feline and elegant, timeless and terribly current, La Panthère echoes the luminous and sensual woman who inspired noses in the 80s. A way to reclaim all the flamboyance of this era when beauties dared to be fatal!

The affirmed quarantine likes to wear creations a thousand leagues from simple fashion trends, as she would do with a couture creation whose name she would jealously ignore.

The creations Serge Lutens, whose minimalism mastered bottles are there to highlight a little more the nobility of their juice, exalt notes with bias olfactf, between feminine and masculine, with extreme refinement. Among their favorite compositions:

The Girl from Berlin wrapped in a rich red rose, underlined with spices as thorns on a musky background and powdered wood,

Or Femininity of wood which adopts notes traditionally used in male perfumery, which by most magical alchemy, transforms them into a terribly feminine, carnal and incandescent composition.

What scents appeal to women aged 50 and 60

At 50 and 60, a lady has refined her esthetic qualities and tends to remain faithful to a particular perfume.

But when the urge takes him to venture towards new fragrances, comes an observation: the innovations are often intended to attract the youngest.

However, today, a woman in her fifties or sixties is aware of her charm and her power of seduction.

Thus, no one appropriates the great classics as well as she does: these masterpieces imagined to the glory of the eternal feminine when the trends were with unique wakes and the perfume carried itself as a sublimated expression of oneself.

The enveloping exhilaration of floral scents

Perfume for the woman of 50 years

At 50 or 60, a woman still has an unconditional love for floral bouquets, which she perhaps prefers to be magnified with aldehydes.

This nobility made perpetuate the now timeless that are: Caliche D’Hermès or Arpège by Lanvin enclosed in a mysterious black ball whose sketch represents Madame Jeanne Lanvin, also nicknamed “the enchantress”.

If the scents emanating from the flower shops intoxicate her, wrap her in this sweetness! Rose, gardenia, lily, lilac, lily of the valley, in soliflore or in a bouquet, here are some big names that have extolled the essences:

Paris and Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent: one of absolute romanticism while the other, more incisive and tinged with green facets, embodies emancipation and freedom,

Tremor by Lancôme and Adore de Dior: bright and velvety bouquets,

Lair du Temps by Nina Ricci: floral at the same time creamy and spicy where the carnation predominates, sees its bottle surmounted by two entwined doves symbolizing the romantic message of exceptional perfume.

Full of femininity, these floral accords are more pronounced in the concentration of perfume, the flowers having a nature to reveal their beauty at the heart of the wake (heart notes within the olfactory pyramid).

The sweetness of the Orientals:Bonanza satrangi

Does this woman like loads of jasmine, captivating notes of vanilla and Tonka bean, incense scent? If so, let it get drunk on a voluptuous oriental scent.

For almost a century, Guerlain has been a master in the art of imagining captivating fragrances with captivating and timeless scents. Shalimar and LeuerBlue are the perfect ambassadors.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium opens onto a world of mystery, the enchantment of a forgotten oriental civilization. When it was released in 1977, this perfume with the sulfurous name caused a scandal. Women’s love for her was immediate and endured to this day.

The depth of the chipper and woody scents

If for her, the woody scents are synonymous with mystery, you will find these notes of undergrowth in the family of chypre. Here, the initial freshness of the essences of bergamot gives way to a flowery or fruity trail, quickly warmed by the accords of chain foam and patchouli.

Among the great classics, we note Aromatic Elixir by Clinique and Miss Dior (the Original) or Mitsuko by Guerlain and Femme by Rocha’s in which a sovereign peach rounds off the almost animal dimension.

Finally, if the heart says it, a woman of 50 or 60 years has the audacity to adopt a masculine perfume as do certain stars with naturally obvious sex appeal. The earthy, spicy and woody facets, traditionally used in men’s compositions, have the gift of taking on a whole new dimension when warmed up on the skin of a lady with a strong character!

Terre d’Hermès, Fahrenheit de Dior and Declaration of the Cartier are his favorites.

70, 80 years: the ages of olfactory maturity

Perfume for a woman of 70 years:Bonanza satrangi

At 70 and 80, a woman reaches her olfactory maturity. His temperament and his tastes remain intact.

For this, it is best to inquire to know a name that she particularly likes to remind her of sweet memories.

In the event that your preferences are unknown to you, crystal clear eau de toilette or cologne would be welcome.

The impetuosity of citrus and green notes

The zest has character! One vaporization, and here they are swirling around you. To compensate for their volatile and exuberant temperament, it is fashionable to associate them with woody notes, even chypre, which will have the quality of “hanging” them.

The most iconic of these compositions date from 1969 to 1979, a period in which young people aspired to renewal by sweeping the conventions of a breath of fresh air. It was then the apogee of green and hesperidia agreements:

Ô de Lancôme, with his insolence, breaks stereotypical codes and responds to the desires of women seeking a new femininity. Both invigorating and tenacious, this eau de toilette surprised for its infinite diffusion power.

Bonanza satrangicaptures in a bottle dripping with waves with crystalline reflections the essences of simple and obvious happiness.

Dior Ella de Dior, who since her birth has always evoked an elegant woman walking down the long avenues with a determined step, leaving in her wake a sparkling greenness.

Some even show boldness in daring to appropriate perfume for men to never leave it again: Eau Sauvage by bonanza satrangi.

The more a woman advances in life, the more the great classics confirm their legitimacy. To amaze her, bring her to sublimate her perfuming habits by offering her favorite fragrance in an extract version or derivatives as an extension of her perfumed body language.

Finally, the now essential La Petite Robe Noire by Guerin is for all those who still have a 20-year-old heart. By deliberately choosing a faceless “muse”, and taking back the emblematic bottle of Mitsuko or Blue Hour, the House made the wish that any woman of any age can identify herself.

Finally, if this perfumed gift is for you, find out which perfume to choose to attract a man, whatever your age.