The 10 most popular inbound articles of 2019

2019 comes to an end and it is time to look back and analyze what has left us this year to continue growing in 2024. By doing this retrospective we have encountered these 10 articles: the 10 most read posts this year in our blog . We are happy to share them with you!

1. What is a podcast and why are you interested in having one?

The podcasts have been true protagonists this 2019. Therefore it is not surprising that this article by Blue world City Islamabad  , inbound marketing specialist at Inbound Cycle, occupies the number 1 of our ranking of most popular posts of the year.

In it you can find answers to questions such as what a podcast is, why it can be a competitive advantage or how to implement these tools in the marketing strategy .

2. B2B Marketing: what is the best strategy?

The B2B marketing has certain differences with B2C marketing and it is important to take them into account when implementing the strategy. On the one hand, the relationship between companies has changed a lot in recent years and, on the other, it must be taken into account that some very powerful actions can be carried out when it comes to a business-to-business relationship .

Alice Didier, inbound marketing consultant at InboundCycle, gives you more details about it in this article .

3. Customer journey: what it is and how to define it in your strategy

Since a person discovers that he has a need until he finally makes the purchase that covers it, he makes a “trip” through different stages in relation to the brand. This trip would be the customer journey to Capital Smart City Islamabad .

Oriol Bel, marketing director of Inbound Cycle, tells you in this post what is the customer journey, what are the phases of the tour, and how it can be defined and fit into the marketing strategy.

4. Goodbye to the marketing and sales funnel. The flywheel is here

Does the name “ flywheel ” sound to you? It is very likely. If something has made it clear to us in 2019, the tendency to make the customer is at the center of the sales and marketing strategy is more than a reality. 

The concept “flywheel” is here to stay: goodbye to the typical funnel that thinks first of marketing, then sales and, finally, the customer. The route, now, is circular , so the concepts come together to create a strategy with a lot of potential. Andrea Castán, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells you in this post .

5. The best marketing events in 2019

The year 2019 has been full of memorable moments for marketing. Some of them, in the form of an event. Dana Camps, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, told us in this article what the most outstanding marketing events of the year he leaves us have been.

From the famous Mobile World Congress to Digital Marketing Day, the Mozcon, Inbound by HubSpot or the World of Business Ideas. ¿ See you at the next edition of the InboundLeaders Barcelona and Madrid ?

6. Health marketing strategies: why apply inbound marketing?

Clara Álvarez, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells us in this post how powerful inbound marketing can be in the strategy of any health-related company . 

And is that … who has not ever looked for the symptoms of his headache or that sudden fever of the kids in the house? The user’s relationship with the Internet in the field of health has changed a lot, and becoming a reference portal in terms of reliable and quality content is a great advantage for any company related to health and well-being. 

7. WhatsApp Marketing: how to develop a powerful campaign today?

Did you know that more than 30 million Spaniards have the WhatsApp app on their mobile ? We are the 9th country in the world with the largest number of users of this courier service. And we must take into account that the Spanish population is 46.9 million inhabitants. And it is expected to exceed this figure in 2020!

With these numbers, who could resist including WhatsApp marketing campaigns? María Toledo, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells us in this article what these types of campaigns consist of, what are their advantages and some examples of success stories .

8. Consumer analysis: how to meet your real person buyer

Knowing your buyer person is absolutely essential to succeed in your marketing and sales campaigns , but how can you get to know him? Sarah Vercheval, inbound marketing specialist at InboundCycle, tells you in this post the importance of interviews , how to prepare them to be enjoyable and the importance of listening and building trust in the buyer person to get the maximum information possible.

9. New technologies applied to marketing campaigns

The technology is changing our daily lives and, of course , also has entered the world of marketing. Strategies as powerful as facial detection, geolocation, virtual or augmented reality, or the already known QR codes can be key elements in your new marketing strategy. Marta Miñarro, PR & Events Manager at InboundCycle, tells you in detail in this article .

10. How to make a story on Instagram that generates interaction with your followers

Are you still resisting the world of Instagram Stories ? Do you know that they can be a very effective tool to generate interaction with your followers ? Ariadna Batlle, Account Executive at InboundCycle, explains in this article how to introduce Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy and why they can be a very important support to gain followers and generate engagement with your audience .

What do you think about these proposals? Is there any other article we have published that you loved and is not on this list? Surely our community will love to discover what it is! Do you tell us?