Start your business with everything; get an ebay & Paypal account for sale

There are thousands of reasons why your eBay account can be closed with no explanation. Thousands of accounts are penalized from one day to the next for reasons, incomprehensible in many cases. If this is your case, you can resolve the matter in minutes buy eBay account.

This service allows you multiple advantages, from recovering your sales space with a problem-free account and complying with all the platform rules. As you should know, new accounts are monitored much more carefully than old ones. If you need an account with space for a large number of articles, with a high reputation, and the backing of a good marketing team, don’t miss out on finding it on our platform.


It is possible that your business is affected by the geographical area in which you are located, so buying buy eBay UK may be the best business opportunity. Opening up to the British market can always bring you better benefits.

Apart from being a market with millions of potential customers, it is also an excellent opportunity to earn income in a strong and easily redeemable currency. There are billions of products sold daily in England and the entire United Kingdom. Surely an eBay account in this market can generate a fairly high income quickly.

buy ebay stealth account

Why buy an invisible, simple account. New accounts are closely followed and monitored. This tracking makes them vulnerable to any unexpected shutdown. Also, for any reason, they can suspend your account, for example, for receiving a bad review by mistake. Invisible accounts are very old, but they have passed the tests of time and efficiency within the platform.

That is why they have the confidence necessary for the system to leave them alone. Suppose you have one of these accounts and do everything correctly, as we suggest in our service center. In that case, you can surely have an occasional accident without representing a substantial loss of your sales, or ending up leading to automatic closure of the account.

Additionally, new accounts need to go through a series of tests before the platform services are expanded. For example, sales unit amounts and quantities are limited based on reputation and the total number of items sold.

However, with an old, tested, verified account and an excellent sales history, you can start your business by skipping the tedious wait, and the uncomfortable process of getting around the ebay system’s impediments. That will allow you to offer more articles in the account, access multiple campaigns, and eliminate annoying payment retention.

ebay& Paypal account for sale

You can also associate eBay accounts with an already verified PayPal account. We all know the intricacies PayPal takes to verify your account, the payment hold process, and many more annoying inconveniences of having a new account. The daily limits are very small, as is the transaction limit. If a client makes a big purchase, it will be a problem for the platform to release the payment. If the client is new, the waiting time will be longer, and if your account is now even more. Therefore, a viable option is to get an old and verified account and buy it for very little money.

Our service can offer you the possibility of buying one of these accounts directly associated with the eBay account. So your business will start on wheels with everything you need to make a great sale from day one, without late payments or absurd withholdings.