Free movie streaming websites are not something you would always trust. And with the multiple scamming and frauds on the internet, it is justified. Therefore, it is important to be cautious any time you are looking to stream on websites online. Here are some tips and tricks that will keep you on toes, help you avoid trouble, and give you a better experience;

Check Out Update Frequency

You might find that some sites have been dormant for a long period of time and do not frequently update or add to their long-existing collection. This could be a disappointment in most cases. The site is always updating their collection, adding new series and recent movies to their collection.

Signing up Doesn’t Mean Paying for Subscription

You may come across free movie streaming sites that ask you to subscribe. As opposed to your expectations (that you don’t need to sign-up/ subscribe), you may assume that they are tricking you into paying for membership. Well, that is not always the case.

There are free online movie streaming sites that also require you to be a member and the membership is free. And, it is never hard to sign up; all you need to do is to input some of your information they ask you to; could be your user name, email, and password, and that’s it. After which you are free to browse and enjoy.

Watch Out for These Red Flags

It shouldn’t be hard to discern legit movie streaming sites from those that are illegal. But it could be tricky sometimes. Here are some of the red flags that you should watch out for;

        • When a site tends to hide their IP address using VPN services and proxy; that could be a sign that they are not legal. It is a way of hiding from the law and tricking the views. Some even go to an extent of asking you to download third-party VPN software. When you see this, run.

      • Free sites solely depend on the advertisement to make money. So don’t fret when there are periodic ads giving you a break from the movie while you are watching, once in a while. But when you see the likes of pop-ups and ‘click me’ ads, or ads that don’t have an option to exit, that’s another sign.
      • Another thing is to just take a look at the reviews. This should tell you everything. You can find reviews on social media, reviews websites, different forums, and other platforms. If a site has bad reviews, then chances are, it is not delivering to the expectations of its viewers.

Here are Some Green Lights

While you are looking for red flags to determine the best sites to stream movies on, you might also want to check out for these green lights;

    • Great reviews are a sign that the site is legit and meets the expectations of the views. You should go ahead and sign up if a site has many positive reviews. But if it is the opposite, then it only means that is trouble.
    • Sites that have been up and running for a while also mean that they are legit. Offenders don’t get away with operations for long. Not to mean that all new sites are scams and all older sites are all legit. But if a site has been operating for a couple of years; that is a green light.


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