Some Facts About The German Shepherd Dogs

Dogs are loveable and cute animals that you can own and make them your companion or family. Dogs can assist, guard, and entertain us in many ways. Almost all of the homes and people have pet dogs, which they can treat dogs as part of a family. And dogs are indeed people’s real companions.

Dogs are little angels that are sent by God to love and watch over us. Because of their great personalities, many people would prefer dogs as their pets rather than cats, fishes, or other animals. Dogs are easy to train; they can be working dogs, house dogs, and guard dogs, depending on the purpose of their training.

There are also lots of dog breeds to choose from, and German Shepherds in one of the most popular breeds in the world. This dog breed is smart and can be trained quickly. They love to do something, and they need daily exercise so that they won’t misbehave. They can also be suitable for other pets and children. Aside from this list, you can also check out other german shepherd facts.

They Have Color Variations

Besides its standard color, which is black and brown, the breed also has color variations like grey, red and black, black and tan, and black and silver. The German Shepherd that has a liver color is the most rare shade of the breed.

There are Five German Shepherds Variety

German Shepherd was bred way back in 1899 in Germany, and this breed has five varieties such as white, panda, sable, black and saddle coat German Shepherds.

They Can Reach a Lifespan of 13 Years

The typical lifespan of this breed is between 9 up to 13 years. However, a German Shepherd once lived its life for 18 years. There are a lot of methods that you can enhance German Shepherds health like weight maintenance, regular veterinary visits, dog supplements, high-quality dog food, regular exercise, and excellent oral hygiene.

They are Capable of Running Fast

A prime German Shepherd can run nearly 50 kilometers for every hour. Even though the German Shepherds are not known to be the fastest dog breed, they can still impress you even with their weight. With that, Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dogs that are capable of running up to 72 kilometers every hour. On the other hand, Usain Bolt is the fastest person on the planet, can run with a speed of 43 km an hour.

Depending on Their Environment, They Can be Passive or Aggressive

German Shepherd dogs are the worst breed when they are aggressive. Furthermore, they don’t like strangers, and that trait makes them the perfect guard dogs. But German Shepherds that are not trained as guard dogs somehow show that they can also be compatible with children.

Without Enough Social Exposure, German Shepherds are Over-Aggressive 

To prevent them from having overprotective and aggressive behavior, owners should train German Shepherds to socialize when they are still puppies. It is an ideal thing that this dog breed should be in the family’s presence and always exposed under the house rule of the owner, towards other house pets, and the neighbors.

They are Capable of Learning New Tricks For at Least Five Repetitions

You can train this dog breed very quickly. However, it might also be hard to train these dogs if you don’t do it the right. Although adult German Shepherds are more trainable than the young GSDs, the best time to teach them or any dog breed is an early age as possible.

While They are Teething, German Shepherds Have Ears That are Floopy

During their teething stage, the ears of German Shepherds are super floppy. The floppiness of their ears commonly lasts around 16 to 20 weeks, and with that, their ears’ cartilage soon will become hard to show their signature looks, ears standing permanently.

Their Average Price is $800

Getting one from this dog breed can be very expensive. In the US, the price can range from around $500 to $1,500. With their price average of $800, the main reason why its price tag is hefty is that raising them as a puppy is never cheap.

Their Bites are Among The Powerful Dog Bites

A bite of a German Shepherds is equipped with a force above newtons of 1,060 or 238 pound-force. With that, the bite of this dog is more heavy than their 90-pound weight. The GSDs bite is so brutal, and it can inflect injuries that are severed that might require a person to have surgery or medical attention.

The Breed Combination of a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd is Called “Shepsky”

The result of combining a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd is called the Shepsky, and it can be a crossbreed with medium size. It inherits both of its parent’s genes, and they are loyal and vigorous. They can also be working dogs, and sometimes people call it Gerberian Shepsky.

Max Von Stephanitz is The Person That Set Their Breed Standard

Max von is the credit receiver because he develops this dog breed and he is the one who sets the standard guidelines. He is also the German Shepherd Association’s first president.

The US Force Favors Them on The Roster

Because of German Shepherd’s intelligence, loyalty, athleticism, and aggressiveness, the United State’s military force favors them on their group over other breeds. Those combinations that are unique for dog traits are perfect when it comes to military duties. Aside from this breed, Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois are also great options for working dogs.

The Very Common Names of This Breed are The Following

Giving dogs their name is also important, which they respond to it, and they recognize it. Their popular names are Doughnut, Caramel, Barney, Ace, and Dollar.


The mentioned above are just some of the facts that you need to know about the German Shepherd breed. They are also loveable and smart, and you can train them quickly. That’s why it is one of the most popular breeds today because of its abilities, characteristics, and traits.