Smart Learning & Education Market 2023 is estimated to exceed the value of US$ 984.7 Bn by 2030

Many schools and educational institutes continue to use smart learning tools, since the COVID-19 outbreak has not completely subsided. Owing to this shift, consumers have adapted to online learning on the long-term basis, which is creating business opportunities for companies in the smart learning & education market. Several startups are planning on investments in launching educational apps to ensure continuity of educational programs.

Online teaching is being met with challenges. Stakeholders in the smart learning & education market need to address deep restructuring of the teaching process and use different digital tools to enhance interaction with students. Knowledge, competence, and personal experience of students are factors to be taken into consideration, while deploying online learning.

smart learning & education market segmentation

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Video Conferencing Apps Help Students Stay Updated About their Course Remotely

The smart learning & education market is projected to expand at an astonishing CAGR of ~24% during the forecast period. Smart learning has been able to overcome challenges of higher education, especially in countries of the Middle East. This teaching reduces the hassles associated with the high cost of transportation, school fees, and cost of health insurance.

Indian education apps are storming the smart learning & education market. E-learning apps such as BYJU’s and Vedantu are gaining prominence in online classrooms, especially during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Companies are innovating in video conferencing apps to help students stay updated about their course remotely. App developers are making use of animated videos and other intuitive tools to make learning more engaging in online classrooms.

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Schools in Finland Increase Student Interaction with Latest Learning Tools

Ongoing change in education has triggered the need for new user-centric and sustainable learning environments. Such trends are translating into opportunities for companies in the smart learning & education market to create the availability of new national curriculum and transform the vocational education system. As such, these trends are gaining increased popularity in Finland with the proliferation of digitalization technologies.

Transversal competences, versatile learning environments, and phenomenon-based learning are being highly publicized in Finland. Stakeholders in the smart learning & education market are addressing student needs for enabling the school’s interaction with the surrounding society with the help of latest learning tools such as smart projectors and digital displays.

Camera-based Touch Technology Gaining Prominence in Smart Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are acquiring visibility in schools and universities. Manufacturers in the smart learning & education market are integrating these whiteboards with a computer, projector, and whiteboarding software to boost sales. The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning at Vancouver Island University is making the use of smart collaborative learning software for education in whiteboards that accept touch, pen, and even solid object inputs.

The camera-based touch technology is being accommodated in smart whiteboards and interactive displays. Stakeholders in the smart learning & education market are gaining a competitive edge over other companies by introducing proprietary software and firmware in whiteboards that can detect finger and pen contact on the screen.

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