By definition septa cap is a cap with a disc of metal, plastic or similar material inside it which is used in sealing different vials. Much of the market’s craze is growing because of the hospital and healthcare industry. The growth of the septa caps market is projected to be accelerated by the increasing utilization of a better closure solutions in various packaging for the products from different sectors (e.g. food). Value gains of the global septa caps is a market highly likely to be fuelled by rising preference set by the consumers for comfortable, effective, hassle-free and high-risk free closure. .

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Septa Caps Market: Dynamics

To expand the market the septa cap manufacturing companies are expanding their product lines substantially. The septa caps are mainly speeding its application in the food and beverage industry. The owners of different hotels and restaurants buy septa caps in bulk to be productive. E.g. cocoa butter is made from kraft food and for producing the cocoa butter the production vial is closed with a plastic septa cap. The septa cap is known for its good impact strength, cost affectability and performance. The septa cap helps to make the container stay airtight and protects its relevant content from outside elements like sunlight, wind and moisture. Due to these different beneficial qualities, packaging with septa cap also very much helpful for chemical supplies around the world. Different school, colleges are also raising their demand for vials with septa cap packaging. One of the key drivers of these septa caps market is the ageing population of the globe. The ageing population is resulting into the birth of various and more number of disease and due to this the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry are in the need of more equipment (vials) which come with septa cap for diagnosing and executing the required medical process to treat disease with no contamination especially in covid19 –pandemic situation. The rising demand for creating new variety in cosmetics and beauty industry also plays a major role in driving the growth of the septa cap market. Also different government rules and regulation related to senior and child-friendly laydown process are supporting the septa caps in the packaging industry to maintain security features during the drug in taking process.

But sometimes during chemical analysis (e.g. gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) contamination through silicon septa occurs and it affects the assay and it transfers the determination of the analysis in a very low concentration. Sometimes the septa cap packaging can lead to sample loss, sequence loss, unnecessary downtime and expensive repair. These factors may hinder the growth of the septa cap market’s growth in the near future.

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Septa Caps Market: Segmentation

Septa caps market can be segmented by material type, end-uses and diameter.

By material type septa caps market can be segmented as follows:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Aluminum
  • Other Materials

By end use type septa caps market is segmented as follows:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Oil & gas

By diameter septa caps market can be segmented as follows:

  • < 10 mm
  • >10 mm
  • >20 mm

Septa Caps Market: Regional Overview

North America is expected to place itself as one of the leading septa caps markets during the forecast period as the popularity for different items like juices, pickles alcohol, energy drinks are rising. This rising demand is charging up the growth of the market. In the Asia-pacific region the septa caps market is also showing good growth as the pharmaceutical companies are growing more and more and also the food industry is expanding over the region. Online order system of food is helping this region to grow in an expanded way. Europe region is also on its way to show a remarkable growth in the septa caps market as the wine consumption and other non-alcoholic drinks like carbonated drink are high in demand and this is helping the particular market to grow in the region.

Septa Caps Market: Key Manufacturers

  • RPC Group PLC
  • Crown Holdings Incorporation
  • Amcor Limited Plc
  • Rexam PLC
  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Silgan Holdings Inc.
  • AptarGroup Incorporated
  • Guala Closures Group

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