While there are several competitions out there, SEO writing is used by billions of people in the world.

It is a necessary skill to stand out among hundreds of other people. SEO writing involves analytic proficiency and and writing quality and engaging content.

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is a writing technique that involves uses top keywords or key phrases to produce quality content. Content writers and website owners use this medium to drive organic traffic to their website by increasing its visibility to search engine result pages. The simplest way to write for SEO is to make deep research of the keywords needed in your niche and allow them appear naturally in your web content strictly avoiding keyword stuffing in the process.

SEO terms and their meaning

  • SERPS- This stand for search engine result pages. It means the end result of what you search for. The Google page contains useful information related to what the user searched for.
  • Anchor text- this are hyperlinks redirecting a user to a different site for further information on what the need. Most pages that rank highly usually contain hyperlinks.
  • Meta description- this is a small description of what is contained the website. This description should range about 12-160 characters. Your meta description has to be engaging as well to bring users to your site. It appears below the website link.
  • Search queries- these are words or phrase users type relating to what they want to search, or what they need information on.
  • Click through rate- this is the amount or number of times users saw your website on the results page.
  • Organic traffic- this is the amount of users who saw your website as a result of what they are looking for without the aid of adverts.
  • Page views- this is the number of times a page was opened
  • Long-tail keywords- this is a string of words or phrases containing important keywords users tend to search more often than the usual.

How to write for SEO

Writing for SEO isn’t very difficult neither is it so easy either. You may think that a certain keyword is important just because it is closely related to the niche you are writing on, but that is hardly the case.

There are a few steps to take when writing for SEO

  1. Make sure the content of your writing is informative and of very high quality
  2. Encourage or work hand in hand with a few top sites to cite your website in their articles or web content
  3. Make sure your website is secure
  4. Make sure the content of your work is engaging and true, not just mere fluff
  5. Optimize your website to show on mobile screens
  6. Avoid stuffing keywords. Many of us fail to take the right steps. Putting many keywords is never a trick to make your web page rank first, try as much as you can to avoid it
  7. Make sure your keywords appear naturally and is easy to understand.


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