Security Radar Devices Market is driven by increasing adoption of security radars in military and airport applications

  • A security radar system is used to track and identify intruders in unauthorized areas and commercial infrastructure. Security radars are used to monitor and protect industrial sites, commercial & defense airports, military sites, and private & public urban sites.
  • Security radar devices provide efficient protection, and the devices are easy to deploy to be used for multi-functional surveillance coverage in different climatic conditions. Security radars are cost-effective and highly sensitive in detecting movements in the radar coverage field.
  • Security radar devices are primarily used by military and defense to provide border security and control illegal activity by unmanned flying devices such as drones.
  • Security solution providers use security radar devices as primary security options to provide security in highly restricted areas such as government buildings, data centers, and research & development laboratories.
  • Traditional cameras and motion detectors have limitations in pinpointing the exact location of intruders in unauthorized areas. Security radars use digital beam forming technology and advanced algorithmic process to avoid this drawback of video motion detectors, to provide better security to companies and government departments.
  • The adoption of security is expected to increase in residential and industrial sectors during the forecast period.
security radar devices market

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Key Drivers of the Security Radar Devices Market

  • Increasing adoption of security radars in military and airport applications is expected to drive the security radar devices market. Security radar devices are multifunctional devices used in border control, critical infrastructure protection, and coastal security. The entertainment industry also uses security radars in big events and concerts.
  • Multiple applications and increased efficiency to identify unwanted action within the radar signals range is expected to fuel the market growth of security radar devices. Increasing demand for security radars in unmanned vehicles (UAVs) is expected to increase their demand during the forecast period.
  • Rising demand for technologically advanced security solutions in air defense and surveillance is expected to create significant opportunities for manufacturers of security radar devices.

Low efficiency of security radars in highly cluttered areas expected to hinder the market

  • Security radar devices are used to detect unwanted objects in surveillance fields; but some radars have low efficiency in highly cluttered areas due to eco-signals by the clutter surface area. Security radars fail to identify the movement and interface of unwanted objects in surveillance field.
  • Unwanted echoes reduce the accuracy of the security radar to catch the radio frequencies which is expected to restrain the growth of the security radar devices market.
security radar devices market 1

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North America to hold major share of the global security radar devices market

  • North America is expected to generate maximum revenue share in the security radar devices market due to the high adoption rate of technological advanced solutions in military applications and public security applications.
  • The high demand for 3D radar systems for drone detection and air defense to enhance the detection efficiency of equipment is estimated to boost the demand for security radar devices during the forecast period.
  • Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in the security radar devices market due to increasing military modernization in Asian countries such as India, China, and Japan and increasing demand for drone based security solutions.

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