The MA37 is a moisture analyzer. It has fast and accurate results. It has a user-friendly manual which can guide almost anyone on how to safely operate the machine. It is more easier to operate and much faster then other analyzers. It has a streamlined design for effortless cleaning. It has a status light which helps to show current progress of the moisture measurement process.

Sartorius MA37 is a perfect option for routine measurement tasks. It will guide by itself step by step at the entire process.

Why you choose Sartorius MA37

There are so many moisture analyzers available in the online market, so which one you should choose.

Every moisture analyzer has to do the same work but Sartorius MA37 has some best qualities, on the basis of these qualities you should have to buy it definitely

  • It is more faster then other analyzers
  • It has accurate results
  • It is more effortless and easier to use
  • It has user manual by which every new person can also use it more easily
  • It is more faster, easier and accurate to use as compare to any other analyzer
  • It uses thermogravimetic methods to measure contents, by which work will be more accurate.


The brand is MA37,

It has 70.000000 capacity,

It has 90mm dia pan size,

It has readability is 0.001,

The result readability of MA37 is 0.01%,

Other then that it has 2 years official warranty.

Its price is $2782.50

Our Suggestion 

If you are looking for the best moisture analyzer for you, who can helps you more efficiently and perfectly, we will highly recommend you to try MA37 atleast one time, you will be definitely satisfy with the work of this analyzer. As it is more efficient which is faster and easier then any other moisture analyzer. Try it and if it is your first time with MA37, it has user manual which can helps you to use it perfectly.


Where to buy this Analyzer

If you really like the specs and qualities of this moisture analyzer MA37 and you want to use this product. You can buy it from the online market. It is available on Data Support Company,  you can search it with model number MA37.

We are sharing the product link directly with you from which you can easily find it and buy it.

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