Samuel Arakel and Arakel Group

(Flonja via COMTEX) — It would not be wrong to say Armenians are smart and strong people. If we see various universal intellectuals, their roots will surprisingly take us to Armenia.

One of those Armenian intellectuals is Samuel Arakel, who is an engineer and a businessman. Known particularly for his contributions towards designing modern systems, he has presented an efficient and effective technology solutions in the market. His efforts have brought a revolution to outdoor screens.

But, how did he start this business? What were his qualifications? Here, you are going to read a lot about it.

Samuel was born and raised in Armenia. It seems like Samuel has his intelligence in genes. He belonged to a scholarly family. So, he attended the “Sayat Nova” music school. It is located in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

He became part of a violin class there. His school that was named after a great musician and poet Sayat Nova assisted in polishing his skills. The King of Songs center helped another young musician to shine brightly.

Samuel was artistic from a very young age and had the ability to pick concepts immediately. He was a quick learner. These traits helped him to gain appreciation in the world of art.

He stayed connected with music for a long time period of 14 years. He got a chance to be interrogated by great teachers. It includes Wanda Wilkomirska and Yehudi Menuhin.

Wanda Wilkomirska was an amazing Polish violinist. She was an academic teacher too. She was famous particularly for classical repertoire and 20th-century music interpretation. Because of her contribution to music, she won two Polish State Awards along with other credits.

Another one of Samuel’s great teachers, Yehudi Menuhin is known for having the most distinguished violinist career in the 20th century. He made huge contributions to music including a school specifically built for musically gifted students.

Being a student of such incredible musicians, Samuel himself won numerous awards as a young musician. He participated in different music competitions too.

Samuel Arakel became successful in making several recordings for radio and television as well. He even won the credit of performing with various famous artists along with playing for renowned politicians.

So, the early years of Samuel’s life were full of music. He made certain distinctions here too. But, life wanted him to do something practical and related to technology.

Thus, here comes the change in his adolescence. He left the music and experienced an emigration. He became more serious about life and realized the value of money.

Once you realize your goals, it becomes easier to achieve them. Samuel chose modern technologies as his target. He took part in the IT engineering program in the year 2000. But, he didn’t receive his degree.

Rather, he started gaining practical experience in the field of technology. He was a lucky fellow as his efforts bore fruit.

In a short time span, he became successful in establishing the Arakel Group in the year 2009. It is not an ordinary group, but Europe’s Largest Outdoor LED screen Company.

How did he found his company? He first established an organization in Poland. He combined small entrepreneurs and owners of LED advertising media. Then he became able to set the base of his Arakel group.

But, what about his professional degree? He completed it, but, after establishing a successful company. So, after founding Arakel Group, he enrolled himself in an IT degree program.

He graduated in the year 2012 from Copernicus IT School in Wroclaw. What’s the best part? He achieved a degree with many merits and honors.

This was all about how he achieved this status. Hard work never goes unrewarded. However, the condition is, you must be putting efforts in the right direction. You need to work efficiently and smartly in order to achieve your goals.

So, the smart mind Samuel didn’t only found the Arakel group. He is an inventor too. He presented different solutions for Outdoor LED screen Advertising.

Do you know what benefits this LED advertising brings for us? It is a cost-effective and flexible means of advertisement. It consumes less energy and gives services for a longer time period.

Moreover, it can be customized or adjusted as per customer requirements conveniently. Because of all these benefits, many companies have already switched to LED advertisements.

But, just like all other systems, LED advertisements were not the perfect model. It had room for improvement. Samuel Arakel put his efforts in finding the solutions to its few shortcomings and to enhance its efficiency.

So, he invented a unique technology that helps in cooling integrated circuits and PCB. How this technology helped? It made the Arakel’s company capable of offering 4 years warranty on its displays. The worth-mentioning thing is that his company is the first one in the world to offer the warranty for this much extended time period.

Well, that’s not all by Samuel Arakel. He also introduced screen management programs. He is the first developer to make applications that can control screens remotely and online along with conversion to various real-time formats.

He also worked on cooling windmills technology. He changed their angle of inclination. It helped in making screens more efficient and economical.

Because of all his inventions and dedication, Arakel group has achieved an honorable name in the world of LED screens. So, where Arakel’s organization is standing now?

After all these years, Samuel’s Arakel Group can cheerfully claim them as an experienced Outdoor LED display provider. They have extensive experience of 10 years in this field.

Well, that’s not all. Arakel Group has also been winning Rzetelna Firma credits along with Gold quality certificates. This company was founded as Samuel introduced the latest LED technology back in 2008. It is now the company with the most modern laboratories in Europe.

Moreover, Arakel Group has the credit of becoming one of the first companies that brought thinnest LED Outdoor Displays. Thus, they have provided the Outdoor Displays with the diameter as low as 1 cm only.

The dedication and broad experience have made Arakel capable of delivering high quality LED displays. They give precise output as well.

Samuel’s organization gives comprehensive services to its buyers. So, customers can get benefit from their services related to installation, legal issues, and other design matters.

Customer satisfaction is a core purpose of Arakel. Thus, they ensure their satisfaction both in terms of high-class technology and flawless services.

Because of these traits, Samuel’s Arakel Group has become able to expand on the whole European market. Thus, they have customer companies from a number of countries. It includes Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Nederland, Irlanda, and United Kingdom.

What products does Arakel Group sell? It involves majorly screens. Thus, they provide large colorful screens, two-color large screens, and LED strips. Their manufacturing unit also covers ultra-light and ultra-thin screens along with mobile screens of up to 30m2.

They also give the facility of the lighting of infrastructure along with use boards and use tables at stations. Their production unit also covers mobile application light screens that are based on VOLVO cars.

Arakel Group doesn’t only offer a variety of products along with top-class customer services. Rather, their products become available to customers after passing all crucial certificates and CE approvals. All of their products comply with IP65 and IP54 standards.

So, this was all about Samuel Arakel and his Arakel Group. From the music class to becoming pacesetter of modern technologies, Samuel’s hard work and dedication were constant. Yes, his intelligence and quick learning ability also played a vital role. All his distinguishing traits made Arakel Group excel brilliantly in Europe’s LED Outdoor Displays’ field.

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