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Everyone is familiar with the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus that has activated multiple health monitoring activities by health authorities across the globe. It had a huge impact on the global finance and economy as well as the flow of educational and business organizations.  To protect students from becoming the host for coronavirus bacteria, schools were completely suspended for an unknown duration. These restrictions directly impacted the students as the re-opening of their institutes did not seem to be happening soon.  That is where the need of stopping the infection rises. A familiar goal has been had by is a new and latest invention that everyone has gotten excited about already. It is full of dynamic features watch that releases the risk of re-activation of infection across people. You can use it to protect your family and other loved ones at work.

How does it work?

The smartwatch, known as the safety strap is a wearable wristwatch enriched with multiple features that helps you to monitor your body vitals at short time intervals like 10 minutes and sends it all to the server. Just wearing it onto your wrist will do the job. It can track blood oxygen, heart beat, blood pressure, and body temperature that are known to be the major causes and symptoms of the coronavirus. If we talk about the architecture on a lighter note, inside it is the pulse oximeter and a thermometer that can analyze and monitor your physical factors in short yet real-time.



Why is it unique for its features? is all unique for its amazing features which make it unmatchable with any other of a kind. These features include the analysis of cough patterns by the user that is differentiated as normal or viral cough. It is capable of getting the readings on demand and produce real-time values for BP, ECG & Heart rate. It traces physical factors, calories, and footsteps too. Not only that, but it also tracks the time and quality of your sleep. It is water and dust-proof and can connect to health care services from the mobile application directly.

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The highly qualified staff of is there for you. If you need any help or guidance, they are available 24/7 for you. Get complete support for installation or set up hardware or application. Also, get the guaranteed warranty of 3 months with the product.

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