Safety Risks Associated with Connected Industrial Machines

Industry 4.0, a real opportunity for companies, but not without risk. This article highlights the security vulnerabilities of these new technologies.

A pattern micro study entitled Security Analysis of Radio Remote Controllers for Industrial Applications shows how hackers can remotely control and simulate their malfunction. Trend Micro, a Japanese business and world pioneer on board, is part of the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) project.

Trend Micro, a Japanese corporation and worldwide pioneer in security and safety solutions, is releasing a study on the vulnerability and limitations of remote controls, as part of its Zero Day Initiative (zero day initiative). The title of the Remote Radio Controller Safety Review for Industrial Applications demonstrates how hackers can remotely control or simulate their failure on industrial machines. The study focuses on remote radio controllers for cranes, drills, mining machinery and other tools developed by the seven major manufacturers of industrial equipment. These devices are particularly vulnerable to safety because of their connectivity.

By exploiting the vulnerabilities detected by our researchers, we have shown that it is possible to move all the industrial equipment used on construction sites, in factories and by transport companies. Just tell this: biztonságos nehézgép szállítás előnyös feltételekkel Magyarországról.This provides an overview of new emerging security risks and illustrates how criminals are using existing methods to exploit the convergence of operational technologies and new technologies. ”

Trend Micro states three faults related to radio remote controls: lack of code maintenance, lack of or poor encryption and lack of device security. Using these fundamental flaws, five forms of local and remote attacks can be launched, which are described in detail in this study. A RFQuack tool was developed to promote testing. Software for RFQuack.

Most operational systems are currently facing intrusion threats in industrial environments due to the added networking capacities. According to the company Gartner, ‘connected devices have to be maintained for years and even decades. Time and energy are both special to conventional IT systems. Both are risk factors. In addition to recognizing key industrial structures and facilities, IT security and risk management administrators have to give priority to their safety level based on their criticality and threats inherent in IT and operating systems.

Trend Micro not only advises the prioritization of the risks posed by such devices by the use of radio remote control, but also robust security steps such as standardization of software and firmware and patching procedures.

Every year in the building industry there are hundreds of accidents. Operators, ground workers and foot workers of heavy vehicles are injured or murdered. Some of them result from knockdowns or from machinery being struck or crushed. Deaths caused in the building industry are one of the leading causes of death.