Rumour of Roblox Shutting down: Is it real? Or just a Bluff?

Roblox is an online-based gaming platform and game creation method that provide facilities like programing and playing games created by the other users. It is a free-to-play platform but allows players to develop, sell or buy virtual items. Players can decorate virtual character which serves as their avatar on the platform.

Roblox allows a virtual currency named Robux to buy various items. Players can purse Robux using real currency and decorate virtual character. Roblox is a popular online game platform from the beginning of it.

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed a significant effect on Roblux in a numerous way. In this quarantine days, this platform helped the children to communicate with each other. Birthday parties held on this platform during the pandemic. In the first May 2023, Roblox announced a virtual fundraiser all over the world to help the people during this COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the number of players increased in it.

On an article of React2424, there arise rumours of Roblox shutting down. This context is all about to investigate the rumours.

Where did the rumours of Roblox shutting down arise?

An article of React2424 claimed that because of overpopulation Roblox server might shut down on March 22, 2023.

An online group was formed to stop this popular game from shutting down. The group mostly formed with 7000 members who were posting comments like R.I.P. Roblox and other sorts of posts that represent the shutting down news.

The article of React2424 is now-deleted, and now we know that the news was just a bluff.

Is Roblox Safe?

Although there are some security concerns in Roblox, it is still gaining more popularity and users over time. Roblox is applying many terms and conditions and improving their security system day by day.

Roblox is a gaming platform that allows players on choosing full creation character, and people may incline to add things that may be risky for other creators of the platform. On 2018, a group of players created a character which sexually abused a seven-year-old girl. After reporting the problem, Roblox added new safeguards and kicked of the players.

Roblox user-base is consist of children 7-12 aged. Though there are also have a significant number of older players. In 2017, this platform had 1.7 million users, and they earned at least 30 million U.S. dollar. Roblox got accolades like

  • Economic Development Association Award of Excellent (2017)
  • List of America’s fastest going Private Companies ( 2016 & 2017)
  • Tech & Innovation Award (2017)

These awards prove that it is a trustworthy platform for online games.

Is Roblox shutting down?

Fans of Roblox gaming platform were honestly shocked while an article published through React2424 saying that Roblox would be shutting down. The report of React2424 claimed that, due to the overpopulation, the popular gaming platform could not continue. The reason seemed legal because it was a popular platform.

The news went viral in the internet. The fans were much awaiting for any official confirmation from the platform about the future. At last, Roblox has confirmed its future.

On 14 January 2023, Roblox finally broke its silence on Twitter and confirmed that this popular gaming wouldn’t be shutting down in 2023 or anytime soon. Now, we know that the enhancement of players will not make Roblox shut down.

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