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Rock Paper Labels Market: An Overview

Rock paper is a semi-synthetic eco-friendly bio-plastic paper made from a rock with the combination of mineral powder (> 75%) and non-toxic resin (<25%) produced for the usage in the packaging industry for giving an ultimate sustainable labelling solution. Rock paper labels are gaining significant traction among end-user in the recent past as these labels are made up of marble (Calcium Carbonate) and polyethylene that has less carbon impact on the environment. Rock paper label is appropriate for packaging, bags, stationery, wrappers, adhesives, grease proof paper, containers and many other applications for its longer shelf life and duarility. Stone paper market has positive outlook as a result of packaging industries. The escalation in packaging industry attributed by need for effective labelling and high-quality option, to improve the aesthetics of the packaged product.

Rock Paper Labels Market: Dynamics

An increasing need for sustainable packaging coupled with the demand for maximum use of natural resources has been driving the global market of rock paper labels. Besides this, consumer inclination towards advanced technology-based labels which are easy to recycle and eco-friendly is emerging as the positive driving factor in the growth of rock paper labels market.  These labels provide beautiful printing surface and good texture along with improving the environmental credentials. Therefore, consumers have more emphasis on the use of rock paper labels to establish their brand image. The production of the rock paper labels excludes the incursion of water pollutants and it does not need any tree necessarily. Therefore, to reduce the negative impact of deforestation in various nations, the global rock paper labels market is anticipated to have exponential growth opportunities during the forecast period. The rising concerns about different environmental factors caused by plastic products and rules against deforestation are being two drivers for the growth of the rock paper labels market as this helps to take a step towards the goal of maintaining sustainable development growth.

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Furthermore, on the back of increasing need for labels having good water-resistance, durability and high mechanical strength is boosting demand for rock paper labels. This box of mix properties could be beneficial for a wide range of applications such as promotional event labels or product labels as the product because of its less cost and peelable adhesiveness. Rock paper labels use inkless than regular paper images come out cleaner and prettier. The combination of matt surface and presentable printing of the rock paper provides the customer with the ultimate satisfaction which is helping to open a door for an opportunity for the rock paper labels to grow in the packaging industry. The rock paper labels are highly used in the food and beverage market for complying with food safety standards for direct contacts with dry and moist food components.. The rising demand for beer and other alcoholic drink is charging up the growth of the market. The rising number of gift shops (e.g. Archies), floral shops are also helping in creating opportunities for the growth of the market. The trend of recycling of rock paper form previously made rock paper labels helps to protect the environment and people to get contaminated and diseased because the waste materials generated during the manufacturing are reintroduced back in the process and it leaves no waste material in rivers and streams to pollute the watersheds.

Despite of the positive outlook, some of the factors might restrain growth of the rock paper labels market.  the rock paper label is easily removable, and once removed the adhesive property gets faded gradually. However, there is no such alternative present in the market at the same cost of the rock paper label which will certainly help to show an upward graph of the market’s growth.

Rock Paper Labels Market: Covid-19 Impact

The COVID-19 virus has slightly affected the rock paper label market. Due to the lockdown across the globe, disruption has been seen in the product supply and chain system as it has hit the financial market all over the globe. Due to the shortage of labour for producing a rock paper labels is also a major reason for negative growth in the market. All the restaurants and other indoor events have been shut due to the sudden outbreak of this harmful virus and it is effecting the food delivery system which is indirectly affecting the rock paper label market negatively. All these reasons have slightly declined the growth of the rock paper labels market. However, in 2022-21 the demand for rock paper labels is expected to increase in multiples to provide product description, safety measures and precautions on the consumable products.

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Rock Paper Labels Market: Segmentation

Globally the rock paper labels market is segmented by, paper type, thickness, and end-use.

By paper type, the rock paper labels market is segmented as follows:

  • Rich Mineral Paper Double Coated
  • Rich Mineral Board Double Coated
  • Safe paper
  • Stone Thermal

By thickness, the global rock paper labels market is segmented as follows:

  • Up to 50 Micron
  • 50 to 100 Micron
  • More than 100 Micron

By End-use, the rock paper labels market is segmented as follows:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Consumer goods and retail
  • Others (printing etc.)

Rock Paper Labels Market: Regional Overview

Asia-pacific is leading the rock paper labels market due to the flourishing e-commerce industries in the region. The presence of a lot number of organized retails is playing a major role in dominating the particular market in the region. The risen disposable income, low cost of production, and rising middle-class population, the regional market is predicted to boost. Additionally, the easy availability of raw materials, increasing demand for environmental-friendly packaging are fuelling the growth of rock paper labels market. North America will also show good growth in the market due to the government supports the usage of plastic-free material. Europe will show significant growth in the market due to risen demand for packaging application in different countries like Russia, France, UK and Italy in food sectors. Middle East & Africa is also set to show good growth due to the increasing number of the hotel industry.