Road Weather Information System Market Is Booming Worldwide till 2027

  • Road weather information systems consist of a road weather station (RWS) which monitors the thickness of water film and the temperature of the road surface. Road weather information system provides information about the freezing point temperature and salt concentration. These sensors measure the relative air humidity, rainfall, and temperature. Additionally, Road weather information system provides wind speed and direction and solar radiation with digital cameras, which is stored in the station’s logger.
  • Road weather information systems offer various benefits such as reduced winter road maintenance costs, reduced environmental pollution, and safer roads. Additionally, it increases the overall efficiency of road travel and helps in taking rapid and effective operational decisions. These systems offer analysis of collection, transmission, processing, and delivery of road weather information systems, making it accurate, efficient, and cost-effective for different industries.
  • Road weather information systems can be customized in order to cater to the changing needs of the information systems. Moreover, road weather information systems offer several advantages such as monitor and communicate with several types of road weather information and provide maintenance schedules and road alerts. Road weather information systems collect numerous environmental data from various stations and communicate with different across the systems.
  • North America and Europe is expected to dominate the global road weather information system market. Severe cold weather experienced in North America and Europe boosts the adoption of road weather information systems. Governments in these regions are introducing advanced winter road weather information system technologies, which in turn is estimated to boost the road weather information system market in these regions.
  •  The road weather information systems market in Asia Pacific and South America is also expected to witness significant expansion, due to an increase in the number of natural calamities in these regions.

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Road Weather Information System Market – Dynamics

Increasing expenditure on sea, road, and railway transport

  • Developing countries are increasing their expenditure on improving sea, road, and railway transport. This is expected to drive the demand for road weather information systems. Moreover, governments need to be aware of accurate weather forecasts during the construction of roads to avoid any adverse scenarios.

High complexity in the deployment of road weather information systems

  • The deployment of road weather information systems is highly complex in nature. They are difficult to deploy due to the presence of snow and ice. These are crucial factors that can hamper the growth of the road weather information system market.

Key Players Operating in Global Market:

Vaisala Oyj

  • Incorporated in 1936, Vaisala Oyj is based in Vantaa, Finland and operates its business through two segments, weather and environmental solutions, and industrial measurement systems. In the industrial measurement systems segment, the company provides continuous monitoring systems, instruments for liquid concentration measurement, and instruments for power transformers. The company provides its services to roads & rail authorities, airports, meteorological institutes, defense forces, and energy industries.

Campbell Scientific, Inc.

  • Founded in 1974, Campbell Scientific, Inc. is based in Logan, Utah, the U.S. The company’s products and services include data acquisition systems and measurement & control instrumentation. Additionally, it provides remote monitoring & control systems and automatic weather stations around the world. Campbell Scientific, Inc. has offices in 12 countries and offers specialized sales and support all over the world.

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Columbia Weather Systems, Inc

  • Founded in 1998, Columbia Weather Systems, Inc has its headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon, the U.S. The company manufactures weather monitoring system products such as Capricorn, Pulsar, Magellan, and Orion. It also provides portable weather stations for rapid deployment and vehicle-mount systems for mobile applications.