Rising Market of Professional Photo Editing Service

Professional Photo Editing Service
Professional Photo Editing Service

Richest person in the world is not the Amazon owner who runs an online shopping platform. Giant retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy and others alike cannot afford to just sell products on their store shelves, they are forced to start their own eCommerce platform as it is a huge market. No one, I mean no business can afford to just sell physical products in the store shelves without ignoring the vast online market. Due to this very nature of rising eCommerce market, lot of supporting businesses are also flourishing. One such supporting business is professional photo editing service.

Why Does eCommerce Industry Require Professional Photo Editing Service?

Millions and millions of product images are being uploaded on the eCommerce platforms every day. These images don’t get uploaded right off the camera. A photographer does not just shoot the product and upload them on the fly. There are lot of post-production processes involved before a product image can be published on the eCommerce platform.

Say a clothing brand owner needs to upload product images on his eCommerce shop. A bare clothe hanging from the hanger or a packaged cloth laid flat on the table will not look good on the brand website. If you go to a reputable clothing brand’s company website, you will see eye catching presentation of array of clothing. Some brands will use professional and celebrity models. These are the top dogs that has major market share and selling expensive clothing items. They can afford professional models or celebrity models.

Some brand owners that are not that world famous and cannot afford professional models for their apparel products, let alone celebrity models, use ghost mannequin photography to display their apparel items in an effective way. Professional photo editing service such as ghost mannequin service is needed to edit those images.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Ghost Mannequin Editing Done?

No two jobs are alike. There are people who value their time at as low as $5 an hour. And there are people who would not even consider working for $500 an hour. All depends on the skills, expertise and reputation of the person doing the job. Some people are just sitting there waiting for a job. And there are others that require appointments months ahead just to make the first visit.

While professional photo editing services industry is not that crazy, there are all types of service providers changing wide range of pricing. A skilled professional photo editing expert working out of USA or Canada might get away with charging $20 – $40 per hour for offering photo editing such as ghost mannequin service. Service providers from developing countries however cannot imagine that type of pricing. You will find lot of service providers with $5 – $10 range per hour.

Even though people in the developed countries charge high for such service, their business is very limited. You will not find any retouch studio operating with twenty, forty, hundred or few hundred people offering their services globally catering to top brands and eCommerce companies charging that outrageous pricing.

Only reason companies outsource offshore is to save on cost. Since per capita income in developing countries are fraction of a developed country, they can afford to offer their services at a pricing that suits their economic standard.

To find out how much it would cost you to hire a professional photo editing service provider, just contact a service provider and request for a quote.