Rent a dedicated server: in what cases do you need a Dedicated Server

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When it comes to hosting solutions, a lot of different options pop up right away and they all seem to be good in their way.

Dedicated server rental

They range from inexpensive shared hosting to fairly expensive best dedicated server hosting uk with maximum performance. Of course, everyone wants for himself only the newest, the best, and the fastest. That is why many people update their smartphones or best email hosting servicess every year. However, when it comes to launching your business, the maximum speed is achieved at the expense of cost. For questions about leasing a colocation hosting dedicated server, you can contact If you have a simple information site, then a dedicated server is not so necessary. But if you have a large online store with a wide range, then things are completely different.

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What is a dedicated server?

To begin with, we should briefly explain what this type of web hosting is all about. This is a single physical server designed exclusively for your site. As you understand, here performance is unparalleled,

Since all resources are directed to the work of only your site. If you do not know which hosting solution best suits your needs, you have the opportunity to contact the IT-Lite team. Here you will find many

Years of experience helping business owners get the most out of their work.

It’s all about traffic

In short: everyone who expects large volumes of traffic (in the region of a million visitors) should give preference to a dedicated server. High volumes of traffic on a site without the proper infrastructure for

Processing it can certainly cause a freeze. It can hurt your business. It has been repeatedly noted that there is a direct correlation between page speed and conversions. The huge American trading company

Wal-Mart was one of those who became convinced of this. They found that when load times jumped from 1 second to 4, conversions plummeted. If you are engaged in electronic commerce and you have a large

Customer base, you cannot afford such traffic gaps. Some more specialized types of sites for which this type of hosting might be useful include social networks and other high traffic platforms. So, if you want to create a social empire, you may also need your web hosting.


To begin with, security should not be the only reason you choose a server colocation dedicated server. That would be too expensive an investment. But, as a bonus, having your hosting makes your site even more secure.

This safety comes from relative isolation. When it comes to public hosting, it is highly likely that if attackers showed their activity on one server site, then it will affect everyone else.

Your site is very “heavy”

If you have a multifunctional project with specialized functions (for example, you constantly extract raw financial data), or if serious program processes occur on it (complex PHP), you may need a special server so that visitors do not notice how the site “stumbles” when trying to boot.

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To summarize, it should be said that with a dedicated server your business will work like clockwork, and you can be sure that visitors will not suffer from slow loading or, even worse, downtime. However, depending on the type of your site, you can get the same performance from other types of hosting.


What is VPS? VPS is a virtual server that can be managed as a physical server located in the data center of the provider. Unlike, for example, shared hosting, in this case, full access with root rights is possible, the configuration of any system parameters, installation, and configuration of any necessary software. The owner of the virtual server itself can install the necessary programs and databases, not limited to the list

Proposed by the provider. And a master host will help you choose the optimal VPS tariff that will satisfy the most demanding customers. The flexibility of settings, like a physical server, and the cost-effectiveness

Virtual hosting is the main feature of VPS. “Our customers often asked about the VPS service. And now we can finally offer it. Of course, we could launch this service much earlier, but we know that our

Customers are accustomed to the fact that all colocation uk services from .master host are what are called “at the level”. And for us, the quality criterion has always been and remains the main one, ”TatyanaRomanenkova,

CEO of .master host, comments on the introduction of VPS services. for reference: .master host – has been providing data hosting services on the Internet since 1999 and is a leader in Russian hosting. The

Company’s servers support more than 27 thousand domain names of more than 20 thousand customers, including Channel One, Radio Hit, and Monte Carlo Radio. The main activities of the company are

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